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15 Top Creative 3D Video Effects Templates for After Effects

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You don't have to be a 3D artist to create animations with depth. Instead, you can use pre-built projects in Adobe After Effects to create animations rapidly.

In this tutorial, I share 15 3D project templates that you can purchase on Envato Market to use in your own Adobe After Effects videos. When you don't have time to learn animation from front to back, these projects can help you skip the learning curve.

1. Flat Extrude Preset — Text and Logo Design Preset

Flat Extrude Preset

Give your ordinary, flat text a stunning sense of depth this easy preset that animates your ordinary text into a three dimensional effect.

2. Isometric Logo Revealer — Logo Animation

Isometric Logo Revealer

This pack really brings a geometric transformation to your own logo. Simply drop your own image into this project and adjust any colors as needed to animate your logo into the canvas.

3. Star Wars Hyperspace Logo

Star wars Hyperspace logo

It's the perfect time for this set of animations to find a place in your workflow. Each of these creates a different but familiar effect from one of the most popular movie series of all time.

4. 3D Techno Logo

3D Techno Logo

This clean and modern logo animation will transform your own logo into a glossy and futuristic effect. You can also add text in the form of these science fiction style overlays on the logo. 

5. Cool Glass Logo

Cool Glass Logo

This animation is another cool and modern way to animate a logo in After Effects. Drop your own logo file into this project to animate it into three dimensions.

6. Phone 7 & SE/ Flat Box

iPhone  Flat box

If you're animating your new iPhone app, this pack is the perfect way to simulate your own app on an iPhone screen.

7. Spring is Coming - Opener Template

Spring is coming

Spring will be here before you know it! Use this project with your own logo in order to really bring your graphic to life.

8. Show Logo Reveal

This three dimensional pack will make your logo feel ready to debut in prime-time! Drop your own logo image into this project to animate it with dynamic lighting.

9. Industry Leader 4K

If your company is in the manufacturing space, I can't think of a better project than this one. Use your own logo and watch it move down the assembly line in three dimensions.

10. Professional 3D Device Pack

Here's another project that can bring your video footage onto physical products easily. use your own assets and footage and watch them animate onto a variety of devices in this project.

11. Blockbuster Trailer 7

Blockbuster Trailer 7

This project would feel right at home on the silver screen. Use your own assets to see them animated dramatically.

12. Magma Glow Logo Reveal

Magma Glow Logo Reveal

Bring your logo through the fire and flames with this project! Again, it's easy to use your very own flat image assets to animate them to life.

13. 3D Emoji

3D Emoji

Here's a fun pack that animates many emoji's. Combine these with your own assets to create professional 3D videos with some emotion.

14. 2018 New Year 3D

2018 new year 3D

It's the perfect time to create a new year celebration video or year-in-review, and this pack will make it easy to come to life.

15. 3D Particles Logo Reveal

3D Particles Logo Reveal

If you're focused on animating your logo, this is a modern and effective way to bring it to life with this particle animation.

More After Effects Projects

Not the look you're going for in After Effects? No problem. Either way, you can get started with pre-built projects to make animation easy.

Here are a few more After Effects template round-ups to create projects quickly and on a budget:

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