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8 Top Logo Animation Templates for DaVinci Resolve (Intros, Stings, Reveals)


What’s more important than the presentation of your logo? We combed through all of the DaVinci Resolve templates and came up with eight great logo animation stings and reveals from Envato Elements and Envato Market: They tick all the boxes—professional, tech-savvy, modern—and each is memorable in their own distinct way.

1. Typo Logo | For DaVinci Resolve

This DaVinci Resolve logo reveal download combines high energy and stylish typography. Tweak the colors and text to suit your project and video style. Try it out for product teasers, social media promo videos, and more.

Typo DaVinci Resolve Logo Reveal Download

2. Glitch Logo Intro Bokeh Distortion

Glitch effects are a popular way of capturing attention on video. This unique template combines a modern glitch style with cool bokeh effects. It makes for a cool reveal and intro to the brand video you're creating.

DaVinci Resolve Glitch Logo Intro Template

3. Hand Drawn Brush Tropical Logo

There’s no replacing the carefree, creative vibe of old-fashioned, hand-drawn brush strokes. Hand Drawn Brush Tropical Logo reveals and enhances your logo using dynamically animated brush strokes that simultaneously impresses and soothes the soul.

Tropical Themed DaVinci Resolve Logo Reveal Template

4. Particle Burst Logo Reveal

Spare no fanfare by unveiling your logo amidst a burst of confetti-like excitement. Particle Burst Logo Reveal includes pre-rendered and well-composed particles to expedite workflow and incorporates Blackmagic Design’s latest technology for ultra-sharp resolution.

Particle Burst DaVinci Resolve Logo Reveal Template

5. Moon Logo Animation

What’s more gripping and powerful than looking at the moon? Moon Logo Animation is a glitch-inspired logo animation template set against an image of the moon as seen through a scientific apparatus. Super cool.

Moon DaVinci Resolve Logo Animation Template

6. Clean Simple Logo V.3

If you’re looking to sidestep the gimmicks and trends in favor of a logo reveal that’s short and sweet, check out Clean Simple Logo V.3. As shapes turn into letters, viewers can’t help but be drawn in until your logo appears. A satisfying ride!

Clean Simple Logo Reveal DaVinci Resolve Template

7. Scribble Grunge Logo

Scribble Grunge Logo unfurls your logo like a doodling artist. Combining grunge and glitch with scribbles and blots on paper, this template has a sort of outer space-feeling of vast creativity that liberates the mind.

Scribble Grunge DaVinci Resolve Logo Animation Template

8. Mosaic Wall Logo Reveal

Do you have a ton of footage you want to share? Treat your audience with the Mosaic Wall Logo Reveal. This template features multiple angles and ends with a simple logo reveal. It can work with everything from fashion to business videos. 

Mosaic Wall DaVinci Resolve Logo Reveal Download

Quick Tips for Making Branded Videos in DaVinci Resolve

Whether you're making them for social media or a commercial, your videos are an important piece of promotion. If this is your first time making one, keep these quick tips for branded video in mind.

1. Stay Consistent

A creative mindset is how you can make some excellent branded content, but keep in mind that what you produce has to make sense for the audience. If your other content sets a corporate tone, adding glitch effects might not align with what you've built your brand to be. While staying consistent can limit what you should do, you'd be surprised how much room for creativity there still is by following this tip.

This tropical-themed logo intro can suit a video for a fashion brand or a local shop.

2. Tell a Story

Each video you make for your brand doesn't have to rival the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but having a narrative does help with engagement. This is especially true with social media videos where audiences are notoriously impatient. Even if your video is on the shorter side, there are still opportunities for storytelling.

One of the easiest ways to develop visual stories is through storyboarding! If you're not sure how to make a storyboard for your video, then check out this tutorial:

3. Embrace Vertical Video

If you're scrolling down your social media timeline, switching from portrait to landscape just to watch a video can be a pain. That's why what used to be a cardinal sin is finding new life online. If you're making a video to be shared on Twitter or Instagram, don't be afraid to go vertical. Planning your video around this screen orientation can help your brand's message reach a larger audience.

Portrait of afro person scrolling social media
Vertical videos can reach a broader audience on social media than horizontal ones. (Stock photo from Envato Elements)

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