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10 Top Logo Animation Templates for DaVinci Resolve — Make Intros, Stings and Reveals

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Present your branding in a memorable way with these creative logo animation templates for DaVinci Resolve.

Logo Animation Templates for DaVinci Resolve

Try some of our best logo animation templates for DaVinci Resolve, available from Envato Elements, where everything is included in a monthly or yearly subscription.

The carefree, creative vibe of old-fashioned, hand-drawn brush media in Hand Drawn Brush Tropical Logo reveals and enhances your logo with animated brushstrokes in a sunny color palette.

Key Features

Dynamically animated brush that comes together to reveal your logo. A tutorial is included to get you started.

  • Applications: Resolve 16+
  • Requirements: No plugins needed
  • Author: Atamotion
Hand Drawn Brush Tropical Logo is available as part of a subscription to Envato Elements

Alternative Logo Animation Templates for Resolve

If this DaVinci Resolve logo animation isn't for you, no worries! Here are a couple of great alternatives available as part of an Envato Elements subscription.

Typo Logo | For DaVinci Resolve 

A bold and stylish opener for Resolve, with striking text and a bright, colorful style.

Mosaic Wall Logo Reveal

Just import your photos or videos and put them into the multiscreen video wall to create a cool intro for your videos.

More Logo Animation Templates From Envato Market

A subscription to Envato Elements now includes DaVinci Resolve templates, but if you prefer to pay as you go then here are a few more logo animation options to try: Spare no fanfare by unveiling your logo amidst a burst of confetti-like excitement using Particle Burst Logo Reveal. Includes pre-rendered and well-composed particles using Blackmagic Design’s latest technology for ultra-sharp resolution.

  • Moon Logo Animation is another glitch-inspired logo animation, set against an image of the moon as seen through a telescope.
  • If you’re looking to sidestep the gimmicks and trends in favor of a logo reveal that’s short and sweet, check out Clean Simple Logo V.3. As shapes turn into letters, your logo appears.
  • Light Glow Logo for DaVinci Resolve will give your logo a shine in this unique, modern animation template.

Free Logo Animation Templates from Mixkit

Envato Elements isn't the only source for high-quality DaVinci Resolve logo templates. Why not try a free option from Mixkit? Here are a few that you can find on the site:

Twist and Drop Logo Title

This logo template features a quick twisting animation. It has time for your logo to appear before your video continues or closes.

Quick Switch Text Title

This template is based on dynamic text. Make a statement and close with your logo with this free DaVinci Resolve download.

Fast Intro and Twist Title

Want a fast animation that shows off your logo? Then try this DaVinci Resolve template from Mixkit. It comes with a twist!

More Resources From Envato

Free DaVinci Resolve Courses!

DaVinci Resolve for Beginners

Try this tutorial to take you from a newbie to an expert in DaVinci Resolve, in no time at all!

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Get stuck into color grading in DVR which covers things like how to read scopes and how to use noise reduction to get clean skin tones.

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Top Tips for Making Branded Videos in Resolve

Whether you're making them for social media or a commercial, your videos are an important piece of promotion. If this is your first time making one, keep these quick tips for branded video in mind.

Stay Consistent and Creative

A creative mindset is how you can make some excellent branded content, but keep in mind that what you produce has to make sense for the audience. This means getting to know your audience and what they expect. For example: if your other media and videos set a corporate tone adding glitch effects might not align with the standards and style guidelines you've built for your brand.

Embrace Vertical Video

If you're scrolling down your social media timeline, switching from portrait to landscape just to watch a video can be a pain. So if you're making a video to be shared on social media platforms, don't be afraid to go vertical. Planning your video around the target platform's screen orientation can help your brand's message reach a larger audience.

Tell a Story

Having a narrative does help people engage with your video. One of the best ways to develop visual stories is through storyboarding! If you're not sure how to make a storyboard for your video, check out this tutorial:

More Templates and Tutorials for DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a powerful tool for video editing. If you're looking for more educational and creative resources for the program, stay right here on Envato Tuts+! Dive into some of these articles to learn new skills and increase your personal DaVinci Resolve asset library.

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