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10 Top Logo Sting Animation Templates for Premiere Pro

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Read Time: 6 mins

A logo sting is a quick, animated video that shows your logo, and in this review we look at Premiere Pro templates that are perfect logo sting animations. These are all available from Envato Elements.

Top Templates for Adobe Premiere Pro to Animate Your Logo

Glitch Logo Intro Pack | Premiere Pro MOGRT

Featured Premiere Pro Template From Envato Elements

Though a static logo adds your brand, it doesn't help hold your audience's attention or create a memorable graphic the way an animation does. If you'd like a memorable logo reveal with glitch effects, this is the Premiere Pro logo template to try!

Key Features

You can easily drop in your logo and change the colors to match your brand. This tutorial pack also includes a step-by-step tutorial. 

  • Applications: Premiere Pro
  • Requirements: None
  • Author: Atamotion

Download and Try

Envato Elements has unlimited downloads for millions of creative stock items with a single subscription, including hundreds of Premiere Pro templates, plus audio tracks, fonts, graphics, presets and more.

Glitch Logo Intro Pack | Premiere Pro MOGRT is available with a subscription to Envato Elements:

More Top Logo Sting Animation Templates for Premiere Pro

Envato Elements features thousands of templates for popular video editing apps like After Effects and Adobe Premiere. Even for rookie video editors, these templates can help you create professional videos by giving you an easy-to-use starting point. And for pros, templates can help you save time and reach a broader clientele. Here are a few more to try:

Distort Glitch Title Reveal for Premiere Pro

Create an electric entrance for your video. Introduce your logo sting animation with a glitch effect title reveal.


Fast Logo for Premiere Pro

Create a Youtube logo animation with a visual impact and quick animations; this template comes with editable font. 


Colorful Smoke Logo Reveal — Premiere Pro

Introduce your brand in a fun way with this  abstract logo — perfect to create a strong first impression. 


Fast Spark Logo Reveal Intro Opener —Premiere Pro

The fast spark effect is ideal for entertainment business. You'll only have to place your logo and scale it into the composition. In a matter of seconds you'll have the perfect logo sting to create a bold first impression. 

Youtube Logo | Premiere Pro

The Youtube Logo animation is a neat project with universal expressions. It's easy and simple to customize. Just change colors, add your logo, text and hit render. It includes two versions and a step by step tutorial.

Logo Identity | Premiere Pro

Logo Identity Premiere Pro is our top choice for simple logo intro project. It's quick and easy, and it looks great. Drop your static logo image into the template and watch it smoothly tumble on screen. Elegant without pretense, and dynamic without being dizzying, this logo animation is the perfect complement to your branding.

Particle Burst Logo Reveal | Premiere Pro

A burst reveal is a fiery visual sure to grab the viewer's attention. Give your logo the spark it needs with Particle Burst Logo Reveal: our top particle effects Adobe Premiere Pro logo sting. Particle effects are powerful, but and they can be tricky to use: this project make it easy. Simply add your logo graphic and let the template do the rest.

Quick Title Sting | Premiere Pro

Quick Title Sting is great if you don't have a logo, or if your logo is text-based. It's a simple but dynamic animation that looks far better than static text. Featuring dazzling lens flare, your title will emerge from the haze into the center of attention. Anyone who needs to animate a text title should start with Quick Title Sting.

Clean Logo Reveal | Premiere Pro

Sometimes you just need a clean logo intro that gets the job done. The Clean Logo Reveal uses geometric figures and simple lines to reveal your logo. Ideal for anyone who needs a simple and effective logo reveal. This logo sting template includes 12 social media icons to add to your video.

Epic Logo | Premiere Pro

Are you about to present a new project? A new brand or business? Go the epic way and choose a logo intro reveal to impress. The Epic Logo Premiere Pro template will deliver a unique and attractive way to present your project. It doesn't require extra plugins and it's fast to customize. A great choice if you need an epic logo reveal for an exciting project. 

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