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What Is Color Grading? The Special Touch Your Video Needs to Look Great

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Color grading is a creative process where you make choices about the color temperature, exposure and saturation of your video clips. Applying these can set the tone for your video production.

Color grading always follows color correction.  While color corrections are neutral adjustments that are designed to bring your footage to "good enough", grading is a truly creative skill. You'll make decisions about saturation, contrast, and hue as a part of the grading process.

Check out the video lesson above to learn more about why color grading is important, and how you can start learning it in DaVinci Resolve. You'll see some before and after examples of how much color grading can improve your video footage.

Keep Learning

Now that you've seen why color grading matters, you can learn it in the hands-on course How to Color Grade Videoa fully featured guide to help you learn this crucial skill.

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