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10 Top Preset Packs for Premiere Pro

Animation presets, colour presets, project presets: all kinds of presets are great time-savers, and choosing the right ones for your project can help you get impressive, professional results. Here are ten of our favourite Adobe Premiere Pro Presets to inspire you.

Premiere Pro Presets from Envato Market

If you like to pay as you go when it comes to video templates, try this selection of Premiere Pro Presets from Envato Market.

1. Premiere Library - Most Handy Effects

There are over 800 presets, effects and elements included in this pack for Premiere Pro. Use multiple presets to create different results, and easily change the duration of each preset.

Premiere Library - Most Handy Effects
Premiere Library - Most Handy Effects

2. Color Correction & Color Grading Presets for Premiere Pro

Cinematic, vintage, sepia and many other styles await you in this comprehensive preset pack for Premiere Pro. The effects are sorted into categories to make it easy for you to find exactly which look you need.


3. Camera Transitions Presets

Enjoy dynamic transitions, particle effects and sound fx in the Camera Transitions Presets pack. There’s a detailed video tutorial included in case you get stuck.

Camera Transitions Presets
Camera Transitions Presets

4. Instagrading | 50 Color Grading Filters

Inspired by Instagram filters, Instagrading for Premiere Pro is a set of 50 presets that will let you add various styles of colour grading, from cinematic looks to vintage and more.

Instagrading  50 Color Grading Filters
Instagrading | 50 Color Grading Filters

5. Animation Presets for Premiere Pro

This download includes over 500 presets for you to add animation quickly and easily to your Premiere Pro project. They include: offset, spin, glitch, zoom and much more. Simply drag and drop into your timeline.

Animation Presets for Premiere Pro
Animation Presets for Premiere Pro

6. Stop Motion Presets

If you like dust, noise, and light leak effects then you’ll love this preset pack. There are 30 second loopable clips, as well as over 100 jittery, stop motion effects to use on video, images and text.

Stop Motion Presets
Stop Motion Presets

7. Big Color Presets Pack

Drag and drop presets onto your footage to get a variety of cool styles like VHS, cinematic, gradients and more with over 50 options to choose from.

Big Color Presets Pack
Big Color Presets Pack

8. Magic Wedding | Color Correction Presets for Premiere Pro

If your wedding videography needs a little sprucing up, give Magic Wedding for Premiere Pro a try. There are ten colour correction presets to help give your footage a light and airy, professional look.

Magic Wedding  Color Correction Presets for Premiere Pro
Magic Wedding | Color Correction Presets for Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro Presets From Envato Elements

If you'd like to try out a few packs, then here are a couple of examples of great Premiere Pro presets from Envato Elements, where everything is included in your monthly subscription.

9. 620 Cinematic Color Presets, 15 VHS Video Effects, Old Film Looks

You won’t get bored with Cinematic Color Presets, with over 600 options to try including analogue effects like film and VHS.

620 Cinematic Color Presets 15 VHS Video Effects Old Film Looks
620 Cinematic Color Presets, 15 VHS Video Effects, Old Film Looks

10. Cinematic Color Presets - Premiere Pro

With options ranging from ‘clean’ colour to famous-film-inspired, and through to drone, there are plenty of options in this Premiere Pro pack of presets. There’s a video tutorial included in case you need a helping hand.

Cinematic Color Presets - Premiere Pro
Cinematic Color Presets - Premiere Pro

More Premiere Pro Inspiration and Video Resources from Envato

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