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5.2 How to Add Your Footage

Your liquid animation needs some video footage too! In this lesson, you will learn how to download and add footage from Envato Elements to liven up your title intro in After Effects.

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5.2 How to Add Your Footage

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the liquid animation course. In this lesson, you'll learn how to download and add footage from Envato Elements. To get the background footage for our animation, we're going to go to Envato Elements again. So let's head over to the front page of the website by typing in And here Envato Elements has made finding the assets you need very easy by greeting you with a page of different themes and ideas. Now, to look for different videos, we'll want to click on the browse button here, and then select stock video. So let's go ahead and click on that. Here you'll be able to browse through all the stock videos on the website. We can also further refine our search by using the show filters button here. If it isn't showing already, just click on that. And you can refine your search using the options below. However, as we know exactly what type of theme we're looking for, we can bypass this and go straight to the search bar. So over here, make sure that stock video is already selected from the drop down menu here. So let's click on stock video. And let's go ahead and type in idyllic. Paradise, tropical island, and then click on the search button. Now these results would fit perfectly with the liquid animation that we have created. So you can preview each individual video by hovering your mouse over the thumbnail images, and we can also click into the video that we're interested in. And then click on the play button for a higher resolution playback. Just go ahead and look at this one. So let's click in here, click play. You can see we've got a big video to preview. So just choose one that you like the look of, and then click on the download preview button, over there, or just click on the download button underneath the thumbnail image, like so. And then once you've done that, we'll go back into After Effects. Back in After Effects, we have our liquid and text animation ready and waiting for a tropical island background to be added. So scroll all the way back to the beginning of our timeline, or near the beginning of our timeline. And then go to file, imports, and file, and we want to navigate to the folder containing the file that we downloaded. So do that and then click on the video file, and click OK. You can also click and drag the file into the project panel, which might be a little bit more convenient if you have the file location opened in Windows Explorer. Now once it's in the project, you'll find the file located here in the project panel. Now all we have to do is click and drag this file, or this footage, all the way down to the bottom of our layers, like so. Excellent. Now straight away you'll see it's been added to our preview window. And sometimes we'll need to make a few adjustments to scale the footage so that it fits with the composition. So to do this, just open up the layer, like so. Go to transform, and here where it says scale, you can make the footage bigger or smaller according to the size of your composition. Cool. Now remember I mentioned you needed to become a member of Envato Elements to download the files on the site. Becoming a member with Envato Elements is really easy. Simply sign up for a free account by clicking on the button at the top here. Enter your details in the correct boxes to set up your account. This will give you access to the site's free files. Now remember to unlock everything, you'll need to subscribe, which you can do by heading back to the home page, scrolling down. And over here, you can subscribe by clicking on the I Want Unlimited Downloads button here. Excellent, so that's it for this lesson. In the next lesson, we'll learn how to render the video in Adobe After Effects. See you all there.

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