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18 Top Title Templates for Premiere Pro (Motion Graphics)

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Read Time: 8 mins

The opening titles are your first chance to really wow the audience. In this article we’ve chosen 18 of the Best Premiere Pro Animated Title Templates from Envato Elements and VideoHive. They're perfect for getting your viewers eager to see the rest of your video.

8 Great Title Templates from Envato Elements

If you prefer to experiment with a few different Premiere Pro titles, try Envato Elements. With your monthly subscription, you can download as many creative assets as you like. No limits or caps, just unbound creativity. Here are just a few of the available Premiere Pro title templates available on the platform:

1. Minimal Stylish Titles | MOGRT

These Minimal Stylish Titles can fit just about any contemporary project. The included templates are fully customizable and can be scaled for whatever use. Choose from the different variations for an instant style boost to your videos.

2. Social Media Titles

Promote your online presence with these Social Media Titles. Each template features unique animation and its own style. Find titles themed for different sites, including Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

3. Grunge Action Titles

This bundle of Premiere Pro title templates can bring a modern grunge feel to your video projects. There are four included titles and they all come in 4K resolution. Whether you're working on a product promo or a social media video, You can make use of the Grunge Action Titles download.

Grunge Action Titles Download for Premiere ProGrunge Action Titles Download for Premiere ProGrunge Action Titles Download for Premiere Pro
Grunge Action Titles

4. Water Ripple Title

Water Ripple Title is a clean and simple template perfect for corporate projects or for videos that require a little subtlety.

Water Ripple TitleWater Ripple TitleWater Ripple Title
Water Ripple Title

5. 25 SuperHero Titles Pack Mogrt

Inject some fun into your action film with these SuperHero titles. Sometimes you just want to go all out, and this is the template to do that.

6. Chaos | Motion Glitch Titles | MOGRT for Premiere Pro

This glitch set is really flexible. It's not only easy to customise everything from the position of the titles, the size and the colours, but it also comes complete with sound effects.

Chaos  Motion Glitch Titles  MOGRT for Premiere ProChaos  Motion Glitch Titles  MOGRT for Premiere ProChaos  Motion Glitch Titles  MOGRT for Premiere Pro
Chaos | Motion Glitch Titles | MOGRT for Premiere Pro

7. Typo Titles

Typo Titles is another modern set of Premiere Pro titles. Each look is different and can work for different types of videos that you might work on. The nine unique templates come in full HD resolution and are customizable.

Typo Titles Template Premiere Pro DownloadTypo Titles Template Premiere Pro DownloadTypo Titles Template Premiere Pro Download
Typo Titles

8. Cartoon Flash FX Titles | Premiere Pro MOGRT

Have some fun with your text with the Cartoon Flash FX Titles download. There are nine customizable Premiere Pro titles included in this pack, and they're all easy to use. Just drag and drop the one you want on the project timeline and make your edits.

Awesome Animated Premiere Pro Titles From Envato Market

If you're not interested in unlimited downloads from Envato Elements, you can purchase titles individually from VideoHive, on Envato Market. It's home to professional and creative video title templates for Premiere Pro. Let's look at ten of the newest and most popular titles available on the platform:

9. Mogrt Titles - 700 Animated Titles for Premiere Pro & After Effects

Here is the ultimate download for Premiere Pro templates on VideoHive. There are a whopping 700 animated titles included, which can let you change colours, text, duration, and a whole lot more. These features and more make this download one of the most popular video template packs in 2021.

10. Brush Titles

With 60 original, animated titles, the Brush Titles template for Premiere Pro is a fast-rendering, easy to customise option. Simple click and drag to the timeline to get to work. You won't need to choose between titles, lower thirds, and call outs because they're all included here.

11. Premiere Pro Titles Bundle

Premiere Pro Titles Bundle is a modern-designed Premiere Pro template with a colorful look. You don’t need plugins to use the more than 55 animated titles, and it’s easy to change up the colours to suit your video.

Premiere Pro Titles Bundle DownloadPremiere Pro Titles Bundle DownloadPremiere Pro Titles Bundle Download
Premiere Pro Titles Bundle

12. Minimal Titles

Clean and modern-looking titles, the Minimal Titles pack for Adobe Premiere Pro contains ten unique title animations in full HD. The titles are quick to render and don’t require any plugins to use.

Minimal TitlesMinimal TitlesMinimal Titles
Minimal Titles

13. Arcade Text Maker 8bit Glitch Titles

Get your game face on for the Arcade Text Maker which is 8bits of pure retro joy. There are 28 premade animations and the titles work with any font. The MOGRT and AEP (motion graphic template and After Effects project, for the rest of us) files are included with the download.

Arcade Text Maker 8bit Glitch TitlesArcade Text Maker 8bit Glitch TitlesArcade Text Maker 8bit Glitch Titles
Arcade Text Maker 8bit Glitch Titles

14. Glitch Text Animator PRO

Glitch effects are really popular at the minute, and the Glitch Text Animator PRO template for Premiere Pro is one of the more subtle styles, so it’s perfect for a variety of projects. There are 12 animations included, with easy colour control and tutorials to help you get started.

Glitch Text Animator PROGlitch Text Animator PROGlitch Text Animator PRO

15. 100 Glitch Titles

When one glitch title just isn’t enough, C2Motion have put together a whopping 100 Glitch Titles for you. Ideal for lyric videos or text animations, just drag and drop to use, and a link to the free font used is included with your download.

100 Glitch Titles100 Glitch Titles100 Glitch Titles
100 Glitch Titles

16. 40 Kinetic Titles

As you might have guessed from the title, 40 options await you in the 40 Kinetic Titles download. A simple and versatile pack, it’s easy to change the colours and style, making it suitable for a wide range of film projects.

40 Kinetic Titles40 Kinetic Titles40 Kinetic Titles
40 Kinetic Titles

17. Gold Simple Titles for Premiere

The Gold Simple Titles for Premiere project is modern and minimal. You get full color control with this bundle. It contains not only titles, but also lower thirds, making it a great all-rounder for your project. 

Gold Simple Titles Template Premiere ProGold Simple Titles Template Premiere ProGold Simple Titles Template Premiere Pro
Gold Simple Titles for Premiere

18. Auto Resizing Titles and Lower Thirds

Save even more time on your projects by using the Auto Resizing Titles and Lower Thirds Premiere Pro download. They’re easy to use and automatically adjust to the text you want to add. The wide variety of titles and lower thirds make this a useful purchase for your current and future video projects.

Tuts+ Tips for Making Your Title Sequence

  • Keep the style relevant to the production by using the right kind of effect or template for your project. A handwriting animation would be great for a demonstration or corporate piece, but less pleasing on a horror movie!
  • Font size is a tricky one, avoid the temptation to fill the screen with text. Likewise, it needs to be big enough to read comfortably! Many experienced filmmakers say that a smaller font looks classier.
  • Keep it short. Everyone likes a nice title sequence, but don't bore your audience before your video even gets going. (Unless you're Game of Thrones, now that's a title sequence!)
  • Think about what your titles should do. They reflect or set the mood for your production, so think about whether they're just an introduction, or whether they're part of the story.
  • Related to the above point, avoid spoilers! It sounds obvious, but if you're using flashes of action that happen during your film as a tease, don't show anything that will give the game away.
  • Don’t animate the title to match the picture. It might seem fun to have say, a descending elevator with the text following it down the screen, but it’s a little dated and might make you look amateur.
  • Do research. If you're looking to replicate a style from a particular era, then watch examples of films that were made then and you can make more informed style decisions.

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