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10 Top Special Effects (FX) Templates for After Effects to Make Cool Videos in 2020

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You want your video to stand out, and why wouldn’t you?! Templates are a great way to add unique, eye-catching effects quickly and easily. We’ve picked 10 of our favourite video templates for Adobe After Effects, with cool special effects, so that you can add wow factor to your project.

Templates From Envato Elements

The next seven templates are all available from Envato Elements, where you can download and use as many as you like once you're subscribed. If you'd rather buy templates outright, that's cool too, we have a few of the best individual purchase templates in the list too—check out the Market section that follow.

1. Quick Explosion Sting

 A powerful, cinematic title and logo sting, Quick Explosion for Adobe After Effects will add a touch of drama to any production. This cool effect includes the sounds and you won’t need any plugins to use it.

Quick Explosion StingQuick Explosion StingQuick Explosion Sting
Quick Explosion Sting

2. Liquid FX Animation Pack

This motion graphics pack for After Effects is ideal for just about any project. It contains 312 animated elements and uses liquid and organic animations to build a cool and colourful promo.

3. Elegant Logo Reveal

With a touch of the ethereal and an almost underwater effect, this Elegant Logo Reveal template is perfect for creating a logo reveal that will plant your brand firmly in your audiences’ mind.

Elegant Logo RevealElegant Logo RevealElegant Logo Reveal
Elegant Logo Reveal

4. PolyNoise Alphabet — Animated Typeface

PolyNoise is an animated typeface whose effect is reminiscent of frost meets glitch! There’s an EasyType script included so you can write your text into the box and get results immediately.

PolyNoise Alphabet - Animated TypefacePolyNoise Alphabet - Animated TypefacePolyNoise Alphabet - Animated Typeface
PolyNoise Alphabet—Animated Typeface

5. Quick Fire Swish Logo

Quick Fire Swish Logo is a high quality logo sting with cinematic appeal. The template is a great fit for most projects and it’s easy to customise.

Quick Fire Swish LogoQuick Fire Swish LogoQuick Fire Swish Logo
Quick Fire Swish Logo

6. Blockbuster Title

If big, Hollywood feature is the style you’re going for, then look no further than the Blockbuster Title template for Adobe After Effects. The audio is included and you won’t need any plugins to be able to use it.

Blockbuster TitleBlockbuster TitleBlockbuster Title
Blockbuster Title

7. Rainy logo

Moody and memorable, the Rainy Logo for After Effects is chock full of atmosphere. This cool and creative logo reveal would work for a dramatic film project, or even just something to add interest and intrigue to your corporate project.

Rainy logoRainy logoRainy logo
Rainy logo

Top FX Templates From Envato Market (Pay-as-You-Go)

If you don't feel like subscribing right now, or you want some different options, here are three special effects templates from Videohive that you can buy individually.

8. Grunge Fire Reveal

Making effective use of particles, fog, chromatic abberation and more, the Grunge Fire Reveal template will surely make an impact as your logo reveal. You'll need the Trapcode Particular plug-in to use this.

9. Snow Toolkit

Snow Toolkit includes 26 pre-made and editable scenes, with general, medium and close up shots, so you'll have loads of choice to make your own realistic snowy scenes. You'll require Trapcode Particular plugin for this.

Snow ToolkitSnow ToolkitSnow Toolkit
Snow Toolkit

10. Multipurpose Virtual Studio 1

This is a really useful effect if you do video training or a lot of presenting to camera. You'll need the Element 3D plugin to be able to make full use of this template, but once you do you'll have eight placeholders and three different set options to choose from.

More Great After Effects Templates

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