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10 Easy Pieces: Explainer Videos


What is an Explainer?

Explainer videos help you to describe an idea in a (usually short) visual way. The idea is to keep it simple and concise whilst also being appealing and engaging. It can be a tricky concept to master! Explainer videos are used by many people in business and education, and by everyone from big institutions to solo YouTubers.

The big advantage of the explainer video is that it can let you can create something that looks professional quickly and easily. Producing an explainer video that looks top quality is fairly inexpensive.

And you don't need to start from scratch. Here, we’ve put together a list of 10 great explainer kits and elements to use in your explainer video, from Envato Market.

10 Easy Explainer Video Templates, Kits, and Tools

1. Pixity Land | Character Explainer Toolkit

Pixity Land is an After Effects template with more than 500 elements, so you can create explainer animations and videos easily. Make your own character and scenes with a vast array of combinations.

Pixity Land  Character Explainer Toolkit
Pixity Land | Character Explainer Toolkit

2. Phone 7 App & Gestures Video Kit

Create and customise your own scenes for commercials, demos or promotions with this download. With everything conveniently separated, you can simply swap screens, animations and gestures, in and out of scenes.


3. Minimal Website Presentation

A slick and professional way to include website demonstration within your explainer video; Minimal Website Presentation includes ten scenes which can be duplicated, removed or rearranged.

Minimal Website Presentation
Minimal Website Presentation

4. iTouch 2 | App Promo Mock-Up Kit

iTouch 2 is a photo-realistic Apple iPhone, iPad Air and iMac mock-up package for displaying your app, responsive website, product, or anything else you might want to include in your video.

iTouch 2  App Promo Mock-Up Kit
iTouch 2 | App Promo Mock-Up Kit

5. Explainer Video Toolkit

Fast and easy to customise, the Explainer Video Toolkit has everything you need to get started with creating vibrant, engaging short explainers.

Explainer Video Toolkit
Explainer Video Toolkit

6. Kinetica

Kinetica uses dynamic typography to get your message across in style. There are six built-in colour schemes to choose from or you can create your own from scratch!


7. Character Promo Kit

Character Promo Kit is a sophisticated, vector-style toolkit that will allow you to create a multitude of different characters. You can include up to 13 on screen at the same time and in a whopping 35 scenes. Sound effects are included, too!

Character Promo Kit
Character Promo Kit

8. Online Marketing Explainer

Covering internet marketing, web design, search engine optimisation and much more, the Online Marketing Explainer has everything you need to demonstrate to your clients how to market themselves in the right way.

Online Marketing Explainer
Online Marketing Explainer

9. Explainer Video Stickmania

Make an explainer on absolutely any subject using the timeless stick man. As everything is made within After Effects, you can customise everything and there’s a nifty video tutorial included to show you how.

Explainer Video Stickmania
Explainer Video Stickmania

10. Lopo | Isometric Explainer Kit

Produce an explainer video that tells a story with this Lopo Isometric kit. The download includes over 100 unique elements that you can combine and customise to create the perfect, bespoke presentation.

Lopo  Isometric Explainer Kit
Lopo | Isometric Explainer Kit

 Boost Your Business Videos

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