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14 Top Explainer Video Animation Templates for After Effects (Motion Graphics Kits)

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An animated explainer video lets you to describe an idea in a visual way without a complicated and expensive production.

Explainers keep things simple and engaging. The big advantage of the explainer video is that, while you can create something that looks very professional, producing an explainer video is not all that difficult.

DIY Explainer Videos With After Effects

You don't have to be an animator to create a great explainer video. Starting with an After Effects template from Envato Elements, an all-you-can-download service with easy-to-customize templates, makes things easy. If it's your first time making an explainer, check out my full-length tutorial on how to make an explainer video, too, for tips on writing and recording your explainer.

Make sure to play the previews to see these projects in action!

1. Explainer Typography Kit 

This flat explainer template is geared around eye-catching typography. This project is a great example of how easy it is to start with a project, swap in your own text, and create an explainer in a single sitting.

2. Hand Explainer Kit

The Hand Explainer Kit can work perfectly as a standalone project, or an overlay on top of your existing video. The animated hands and objects can add a bit of color and commentary to your video to create easy explainers.

3. Lopo: Isometric Explainer Kit

Lopo is an impressive project that creates three-dimensional scenes from scratch. Use any of the pre-built scenes and add your own details to illustrate a concept to life. 

4. Clean Explainer Kit

With 40 ready-to-use scenes built-in, the Clean Explainer Kit gives you a major headstart versus animating from scratch. As you can see in the preview below, you can use a pre-built scene or combo together the individual objects for totally custom animations.

5. Outline Character Explainer Toolkit

Straight out of a comic book, this After Effects explainer project is a people-centric animation for your new concept. The characters are nicely animated and you can drop them into expertly designed scenes and backgrounds to create your explainer.

6. Flat and Modern App Explainer

If you want to showcase your brand new app concept, this project will be right up your alley. With easy placeholders for the app in action, just drop in your own footage and screenshots to explain your new hit app.

7. SEO Explainer (Modular Promo Kit)

The SEO Explainer makes it a breeze to drag-and-drop your animator to life. This is perfect for showing off a web concept or SEO project to hook a potential client.

8. Food & Hands Explainer

Thanks to the Food & Hands Explainer, you can basically create a lay-flat animated video. With a top-down animation view, you can use the built-in objects and hands to animate a scene from a birdseye view.

9. Trendy Minimalistic Web Promo

Less can be more thanks to the Trendy Minimalistic Web Promo. For marketplace creators, I think this project is an ideal choice to drop in some screenshots or footage and add descriptions with the text placeholders.

10.Hero Animation Toolkit

With this 3D character, you can create a hero video with the lead character explaining your concept. The built-in clothing, scenes, and objects can create an unlimited number of animated concepts.

11. Global Promotion

For your next promotional video, the Global Promotion package has everything you need to grab attention and hold it. Big, blocky text and three-dimensional objects are a breeze to customize.

12. Content Marketing Opener

This flat project is designed to promote your content easily. I could certainly see using this project as an opener for a client pitch thanks to its sharp animation and easy customization.

13. Flat Corporate People

The Flat Corporate People package is another powerful character animator that is a bit more conservative than other choices, making it ideal for a corporate video. This would be perfect for your company pitch or videos that you'll publish internally. Impress your co-workers with this easy animation.

14. Agency / Website / Service Advertisement

Here's another package that could be perfect for promoting your own creative assets. Drop in your own footage or screenshots and add a few explanatory captions to sell a visitor on the value of your product.

Top Tips for Great Explainer Videos

  • Keep it simple! You can't put everything in your video, and it would defeat the point, so stick to the main points you want to get across to your audience and avoid technical or complicated language.
  • Speak to a person: use 'you' and 'your' to keep it personal.
  • Make sure your main message appears early in your explainer video: if you haven't said it in the first 30 seconds then chances are it'll get missed.
  • Audio quality needs to be great: As an audience, we're more likely to stick with bad visuals than bad sound, but try to keep it all to a high standard.
  • Know your target audience and speak directly to them, don't try to cover all bases or you may end up covering none.

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