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10 Top Film Trailer Templates for Final Cut Pro

Making a film and creating an ad for that film require different skills; let one of the 10 trailer templates in this article help you create a great impression for your film project.

Four people in a film crew working in a dark tunnellFour people in a film crew working in a dark tunnellFour people in a film crew working in a dark tunnell

10 Top Movie Trailer Templates from Envato Elements

Whether you are an editor piecing together a trailer for your scif-fi adventure, or an indie filmmaker looking to reach their audience with a quirky comedy, the tools that Elements offers can help you create the best trailers for your film. Envato Elements is a resource made for creative people, with tons of tools to offer from thousands of advanced templates, and millions of stock items like music, fonts, and creative courses from Envato Tuts+ that can aid you with all your filmmaking needs.

In this round-up we will take you through ten of some our favourite movie trailer templates on Elements for Final Cut Pro. Let’s jump in!

1. Action Movie Trailer

Action Movie Trailer focuses on high-calibre animated text with sharp metallic edges that pop off the screen. Includes a parallax energy flare giving the trailer template a nice sci-fi motif.

2. Film Credits

Credits where credits are due. This a wonderful template pack will round out your short or feature, giving credit to all the hard work your and your team have put in as well as making sure the ending credits represent your film beautifully.

3. Film Reel History

Film Reel History would be a great template for a Ken Burns type documentary where the use of photographs edited with zooms to create movement of an otherwise still image. Choose your media, add your text, and watch it be animated beautiful as a roll of developed film.

4. Film Reel Promo

This template has some similarities to Film Reel History only has more modern edge to it. Instead of sepia tone your media comes to life with beautifully textured light leaks, soft film grain, and a subtle text animation as the cherry on top.

5. Space Trailer

This project can be used as a template for titles, an opener, and even a full out trailer! It’s a great fit for almost genre, though we could see being perfect for a film in the artistic sci-fi realm. With full flexibility and easy customization Space Trailer will help you create your own stylized trailer in no time!

6. The Knight Rises Cinematic Trailer

Bold and rugged, The Knight Rises Cinematic Trailer is intentionally rough around the edges. Try using this explosive trailer template in your own adventure for the big screen!

7. War of Life Cinematic Trailer

War of Life Cinematic Trailer may suggest something a little more action packed than what you get, though what you get is a timeless sequence of animated sketches and titles that carry the emotion of a wartime town in middle America. This could be adapted for another project with a similar feel.

8. The Documentary

If your newest documentary is driven by powerful photographs that tell a story, try using The Documentary as your trailer! A wonderfully designed template that has tons of placeholders for your beautiful photographs and text so you can drive your message home. 

9. The Kings Throne Cinematic Trailer

The Kings Throne is a golden-tone, in-your-face trailer! This one probably won’t work for all genres, but definitely could be perfect for the right film. 

10. Gatekeeper Cinematic Trailer

This template is text forward! A well designed template with three dimensional block letters, light leak transitions, and parallax bokeh animation that is profe;:ssional and cinematic.

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