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15 Cool Effects Templates for Videos in Premiere Pro

If you have a particular look you want to achieve with your video, then a template can help! In this post we cover eye-catching urban, retro, ink, glitch, grunge, and fashion-themed projects for Adobe Premiere Pro; They're all included as part of a subscription with Envato Elements, so you can try as many as you like.

Note, this page is updated by Envato Tuts+ staff with new and notable templates.

Dynamic Urban Looks

1. Dynamic Urban Opener

Start your project off with a bang, with this fast-paced opener, designed to give your pictures and footage a sleek, matte look with added texture.

2. Comics Urban Opener

This template has a definite noir style to it, making great use of bright red against desaturated images or footage.

Comics Urban OpenerComics Urban OpenerComics Urban Opener
Comics Urban Opener

3. Urban Style

This template oozes cool. By using textures, bold colours and unique animation, it will really add something special to your video.

Urban StyleUrban StyleUrban Style
Urban Style

4. Modern Lifestyle

With cool tones, lens flare effects and a matte overlay, Modern Lifestyle is a stylish, minimalist opener for Premiere Pro.

Modern LifestyleModern LifestyleModern Lifestyle
Modern Lifestyle

Retro and Vintage Styles

5. Vintage Memories Slideshow

A traditional vintage effect, this slideshow template makes use of sepia tones, grunge and more to create a pleasant template packed with nostalgia.

Vintage Memories SlideshowVintage Memories SlideshowVintage Memories Slideshow
Vintage Memories Slideshow

6. History - Parallax Slideshow

Overlay your footage with old script font, ink stains and aging effects with History, a parallax-style slideshow for Premiere Pro.

History - Parallax SlideshowHistory - Parallax SlideshowHistory - Parallax Slideshow
History - Parallax Slideshow

7. Corporate History

Corporate History is a buttoned-down take on a vintage look. More suited for an office presentation or event than its retro counterparts, this template gives you a bright, matte effect with some particles and lens flare thrown in for good measure.

Corporate History Corporate History is a modern taCorporate History Corporate History is a modern taCorporate History Corporate History is a modern ta
Corporate History Corporate History is a modern ta

8. The History Premiere Pro

This template for Premiere Pro makes use of grunge effects, but with a cinematic look, for a high-quality video display that would work well for documentaries, presentations and events.

The History Premiere ProThe History Premiere ProThe History Premiere Pro
The History Premiere Pro

Ink and Artistic Styles

9. Ink Fantasy

An elegant template with a double-exposure style, just drag and drop your footage and Ink Fantasy will take care of the rest!

10. Ink Parallax Slideshow

Add a matte effect and saturation to your photographs with this Premiere Pro template. There are 13 placeholders each for text and footage, and the download boasts smooth animation and easy customisation.

Ink Parallax SlideshowInk Parallax SlideshowInk Parallax Slideshow
Ink Parallax Slideshow

Glitchy and Grungy Styles

11. Modern Grunge Opener

The Modern Grunge Opener is an easy to use project template for Premiere Pro. It's full of energy and cool design elements. Use the included video tutorial to get the most from this project.

Modern Grunge Opener Premiere Pro Project Template DownloadModern Grunge Opener Premiere Pro Project Template DownloadModern Grunge Opener Premiere Pro Project Template Download

12.  YouTube Channel Grunge Style For Premiere Pro

The classic grunge look gets a unique update with this project template. Its animated look is well-crafted. In fact, it features more than 350 hand-drawn frames. This cartoonish template was created with YouTube channels in mind.

13. Glitch Media Reel

 Glitch Media Reel features stylish video effects for your project. You don't need extra plugins to use this template, and the modular structure makes editing easy. try it for a slideshow, showreel, or an opener. 

Glitch Media Reel Premiere Pro Project Template DownloadGlitch Media Reel Premiere Pro Project Template DownloadGlitch Media Reel Premiere Pro Project Template Download


14. Fashion Interface

This trendy Premiere Pro video template looks very stylish. It features modern fonts and a high-fashion layout. Fashion Interface comes in 4K quality, making your videos stand out even more. 

15. White Fashion Promo

If you like minimal styles, try out White Fashion Promo. It's perfect for every type of slideshow. The dynamic effects work with the photos, videos, and text you have planned in your project. 

White Fashion Promo Premiere Pro Project Template DownloadWhite Fashion Promo Premiere Pro Project Template DownloadWhite Fashion Promo Premiere Pro Project Template Download

5 Common Premiere Pro Questions Answered

Premiere Pro is a useful tool for video editing, but it comes with a learning curve. If you're just getting started, I've answered a few questions so you can get more familiar with the program.

1. How Do I Import My Video Files?

Not every camera saves your recorded video the same way. You can work around this by using the Media Browser. This video tutorial does a great job of walking you through the process.

2. Can My Team Work On the Same Project As Me? 

You have a couple of options for collaborating in Premiere Pro: Shared Projects and Team Projects. Shared Projects are helpful for teams working from the same location, while Team Projects are helpful for remote teams. Learn more about project collaboration below.

3. What Is Color Grading? 

Color grading is a video editing technique for adjusting the color of your footage. This can be for reasons like tone and style.

It's an advanced technique. But a Look-Up Table is an easy way to color grade your video. You can make one yourself with a little help.

4. Which Skills Are Useful To Learn for Premiere Pro?

There are many skills that you can learn to start creating great videos. Working with the timeline, fixing audio issues, working with effects, and more are all helpful while editing.

You can find resources to help you online. I recommend this free Premiere Pro course for beginners put together by Envato Tuts+! It covers a lot of ground, and you can skill up in a few hours.

5. How Do I Get My Video From Premiere Pro?

Exporting video is the last step in the editing process. Select either the Timeline panel, Program Monitor, or the sequence in the Project panel for the video you're editing. Then Click File > Export > Media, or Ctrl + M (CMD + M for Mac). An Export Settings window will pop up, and you can click Export at the bottom.

If you want a better understanding of the export options in Premiere Pro, I recommend checking out this tutorial.

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More Premiere Pro Templates to Try

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