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10 Top Neon Templates to Make Colourful Video in Premiere Pro

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Neon effects are instantly recognisable. Screaming with colour and character, they can immediately conjure up retro pop culture and vibrant city life. It's no wonder why neon can be a great tone-setter in videos.

If you're working on a video project in Premiere Pro, you can add these effects quickly with templates. In this article, we're going to look at ten creative neon effects available to download from Envato Elements. Note, this article is periodically updated by Envato Tuts+ staff with new and notable templates.

Premium Neon Effects Premiere Pro Envato ElementsPremium Neon Effects Premiere Pro Envato ElementsPremium Neon Effects Premiere Pro Envato Elements
You can download these neon effects and more with an Envato Elements subscription.

With an Elements subscription you get unlimited access and downloads of templates and effects, music tracks, stock photos, creative fonts, and more. There are no caps, limits, or warnings. Just browse, download, and use. Everything is covered under an easy to understand license so you can use these assets in any project.

Top Neon Templates for Premiere Pro

When it comes to cool neon templates for your video, Envato Elements has a range to choose from. Here are ten of the best, for Adobe Premiere Pro.

1. Neon Light Titles for Premiere

A selection of bright neon-style titles for Premiere Pro, this pack includes links to the fonts used as part of the download.

Neon Light Titles for PremiereNeon Light Titles for PremiereNeon Light Titles for Premiere
Neon Light Titles for Premiere

2.  Neon Titles

Bold and bright, this neon title template for Premiere Pro mimics a typical neon sign style, while still being easy to read. The effect includes some authentic flickering, too.

3. 16 Neon Glitch Lower Thirds

A pack of 16 lower thirds for Premiere Pro with a neon colouring and glitch effect. There are lots of options to choose from, and with a clean, modern look, these lower thirds would suit most projects.

4. Retro Title

Take your project back to a time of neon colours, glitches and analogue noise with this retro title template for Premiere Pro.

Retro TitleRetro TitleRetro Title
Retro Title

5. Epic Title Sting v2

Epic Title Sting (version two) is a powerful opener with a bright-light style. Controls are easy to use and there’s a tutorial included in case you get stuck!

Epic Title Sting v2Epic Title Sting v2Epic Title Sting v2
Epic Title Sting v2

6. Electric Elements And Titles

This pack is a great one-stop-shop for fun, animated elements plus titles for your project. With bright colours and fast movement, they’re great for an upbeat project packed with energy.

7. Ultra Editing Kit | Premiere Pro

The Ultra Editing Kit has just about everything you could need for your film, including hundreds of transitions, animated titles, motion graphics and much more.

Ultra Editing Kit  Premiere ProUltra Editing Kit  Premiere ProUltra Editing Kit  Premiere Pro
Ultra Editing Kit | Premiere Pro

8. Flash FX Lightning Elements

Enjoy lightning effects with a bright blue neon colouring in this cool pack of elements for Premiere Pro.

Flash FX Lightning ElementsFlash FX Lightning ElementsFlash FX Lightning Elements
Flash FX Lightning Elements

9. Light Dancer

Give your titles a sprinkling of glamour with Light Dancer. Add words to abstract dance while particles of bright colour help to light up your message.

Light DancerLight DancerLight Dancer
Light Dancer

10. Epic Title Sting

A powerful and impressive title sting that’s easy to customise. There’s an optional transparent background, and a tutorial included if you need some help.

 Epic Title Sting Epic Title Sting Epic Title Sting
Epic Title Sting

Tips for Using Neon Effects in Your Premiere Pro Videos

Is this your first time working with neon in video? If so, here are a few pointers to help you use neon effects effectively:

Keep Colours to a Minimum

While in the creative flow, it's easy to want to keep adding fun, vibrant colors. But trust me, just one or two works best. Your neon effects will still catch the eyes of viewers. You'll also have the added benefit of keeping attention on your content.

Avoid White Backgrounds

There's a reason why we normally see neon signs at night when we go outside. The dark highlights the bright colors, and that's why darker backgrounds work so well when you're working in Premiere Pro. A white or light color backdrop won't let your neon effect stand out at all

Use Neon in Isolation

Neon is a pretty dominant look, often with bright colors and dynamic movement. On its own, the result is incredible. But combining it with other effects looks messy. When working with neon effects, it's best to let them shine on their own.

Less is More

A hint of neon can work much better than using it across everything on screen. There are opportunities to be clever when using neon sparingly. You can pull attention to different areas of the frame and direct the story you are telling your audience. 

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