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3 Top Easter Video Templates for After Effects

This Easter, create some quick and effective video content with a template, to help share your message.

Easter and Christianity

Easter is a Christian festival that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus: Easter is the culmination of Lent (in Western Christianity), a 40-day period of fasting and prayer. The week up to Easter Sunday, referred to as Holy Week, has some significant days in the Christian calendar: Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and, finally, Easter Sunday. The dates vary each year, but Easter is the first Sunday after a full moon either on or after March 21st.

Eggs are a symbol of rebirth, and Easter eggs were originally stained red to represent the blood of Christ at his crucifixion. In more secular communities and for many in the Northern hemisphere, the Easter holidays—and Easter eggs in all colours—have come to signify the return of spring. It's a celebration that often involves a mix of chocolate eggs, chocolate Easter bunnies, candy, a variety of greeting cards, novelties, games for children, and, of course, various seasonally-themed commercial activities and Easter specials.

Why Use Video at Easter?

Video is a really accessible way to engage with people, but here are some ways you might want to do that with Easter in mind:

  • Create something fun and full of colour to celebrate Easter with children
  • Make a video for your church or religious community
  • Send your social fans, or clients, a personalised greeting

Try a Video Template

There are thousands of professional templates over at Envato Market and Envato Elements. Here are three of our Easter favourites, made for use in Adobe After Effects.

1. Happy Easter Egg (Envato Elements)

Although you can’t change the Easter message in this After Effects template, you can change the background colour, and—rather cleverly—the pattern on the egg, which can be replaced with a logo, image, video, or text.

2. Happy Easter (Envato Elements)

Bouncing eggs rolling down a hill towards a basket, passing chocolate bunnies – no this is not a sugar-induced Easter daydream, it’s a fun After Effects logo sting; your logo appears on the basket!

3. Easter Worship Package (Envato Market)

If your church or religious community is looking to send a video message this Easter, then this template is the complete bundle: promo animation, lower thirds, motion background and more. Completed in a high-quality parallax style, it sets a sombre tone in a professional package.

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