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10 Bright and Bold Slideshow Templates For Premiere Pro

Want to make a big, bold, splashy impression with your video? We're right there with you; go big or go home! Accept nothing less! Here are ten of our favourite bright and colourful templates for Premiere Pro.

You can find these templates at Envato Elements, where they're available as part of a subscription, or at Envato Market, if you prefer to pay as you go.

Slideshow Templates to Make a Eye-Catching Statement

1. Bright Opener

If you want bright and bold, you’ve got it with this opener for Premiere Pro. Perfect for making slideshows for fashion, entertainment and more, it’s created in flat, minimal style with crisp edges, simple shapes, and bright colours.

Bright Opener
Bright Opener

2. Instagram Social Media Promo

This promo is so bright you might need sunglasses. Make a statement by promoting your Instagram channel with this template, with placeholders themed as Instagram-style ‘Polaroid’ posts. 


3. Quick Opener // Fashion Slideshow

A fast-paced, light-leak and glitch-themed slideshow for Premiere Pro, this template will bring high-energy to any project, with bright and bold splashes of colour.

Quick Opener  Fashion Slideshow

4. Colorful Opener

Make your message count with this colourful opener for Premiere Pro. It features abstract liquid shapes and bright backgrounds filled with fun elements.

Colorful Opener
Colorful Opener

5. Bold Slideshow

This Premiere Pro slideshow features bold colours and a classic, elegant design. Use images or video with the placeholders, and there’s lots of room for text, too.

Bold Slideshow
Bold Slideshow

6. Fast Typography Promo

Bright, abstract backgrounds and dynamic text are the features of this Premiere Pro template. There are 16 backgrounds included and the project is easy to edit, with no plugins required.

Fast Typography Promo

7. Bright Stylish Opener for Premiere Pro

Contrasting colours await you in this Premiere Pro opener. Change out the colours easily to suit your project, no plugins are needed, and there’s a free font used in the example.

Bright Stylish Opener for Premiere Pro
Bright Stylish Opener for Premiere Pro

8. Bright Slideshow

A slightly more muted, but still bright slideshow, this Premiere Pro template is stylish, with simple text animations and colourful transition effects. There are 21 placeholders for images or video, and another ten for text.


9. Big & Bold Corporate

For those times you want bold and colourful, but you’re also trying to be corporate and minimal, try this opener. Images are revealed with smooth animations and text is clear, and clean. Shapes create colourful bordering, for a good balance between professional and fun.

Big  Bold Corporate
Big & Bold Corporate

10. Fashion Opener

Rainbow hues are splashed across your images and text in this dynamic template for Premiere Pro. There’s full colour control and plenty of placeholders for your images, video and text.

Fashion Opener
Fashion Opener

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