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15 Top Infographic Video Templates to Animate Data With Premiere Pro

Infographics are used to quickly represent data and complex information, so that your ideas are easily understood at a glance. In this article we showcase 15 top infographic templates and motion graphics elements for Premiere Pro.

From pie charts and bar graphs, all the way to histograms and network diagrams, the talented creators at Envato Elements and Envato Market have produced some wonderful Premiere Pro infographic elements to help you display your data in a professional and creative way.

This Premiere Pro infographics template is available on Envato Elements.This Premiere Pro infographics template is available on Envato Elements.This Premiere Pro infographics template is available on Envato Elements.
This Premiere Pro infographics template is available on Envato Elements.

10 Top Premiere Pro Infographics Templates from Envato Elements (Unlimited Downloads)

Envato Elements is a powerful resource that can help you save time while improving the quality of your final projects.

Envato Elements offers you unlimited downloads of Premiere Pro infographics templates.Envato Elements offers you unlimited downloads of Premiere Pro infographics templates.Envato Elements offers you unlimited downloads of Premiere Pro infographics templates.
Envato Elements offers you unlimited downloads of Premiere Pro infographics templates.

A monthly or annual subscription gains you access to a large library of tools, like courses here on Tuts+, and a giant catalogue of video templates, stock video, and music. All these help keep your workflow moving efficiently and the quality of your work top notch.

1. Infographics - MOGRT Premiere Pro Templates

Looking for a complete Premiere Pro infographics bundle? This pack is for you. The Premiere Pro infographics set has over 150 elements divided in 17 categories. Dark and light color schemes and smooth animations complete this awesome bundle.

2. Corporate Infographics Charts Pack

Professional infographics doesn't need to be plain. This Premiere Pro infographics template stands out with its neon colorful tones and simple design. The charts, graphs and icons are easy to understand, perfect for any video presentation.

3. Infographics Timelines (MOGRT) Premiere Pro Templates

Timelines are a great visual aid. This type of Premiere Pro infographics are fantastic for business or project presentations; get this Premiere Pro set with all the elements you need for your next infographics video!

4. Simple Premiere Pro Infographics

Simple Infographics is a stylish template to show off your data. This pack comes with easily customizable .mogrt files, a wide variety of graphs and charts, as well as call outs and social media icons. You are able to adjust colour, duration, opacity and this template works with decimal places.

5. Premiere Pro Infographics - 36 Elements

Looking for a great way to express data with your mobile apps? These elements are perfect for you! Your app can be transformed into a catchy and engaging display of the data so that the information you're displaying doesn’t get overlooked.

6. Flat Infographic Toolkit

Create beautiful and colourful infographics easily and quickly with this complete bundle for Premiere Pro. Flat Infographics is charming way to represent yourself with clean and relatable graphs people will easily understand.

7. Pre-made Infographic Scenes

This template stands out a bit from the pack as it isn’t chart based. Pre-made Infographic Scenes is a collection 21 vector based .mogrt elements that are fully resizable without loosing quality.

8. Overlay Infographic Elements

This massive pack is one of my favourite templates on the list. Tons of options and customization allows you express yourself in a uniquely beautiful way.  Make sure to check out the demo video to see for yourself.

9. Percent Pack 2.0

Flat animations and a clean design! Percent Pack 2.0 is a template filled with over 30 progress bars with full colour customization. No plug-ins needed!

10. Business Infographics Bundle - Premiere Pro Templates

This Premiere Pro infographics features a more formal design and smooth animations. These Premiere Pro templates are great for a formal, professional business presentation.

5 Top Templates From Envato Market (Pay-As-You-Go)

If the Elements subscription isn't to your needs, try Envato Market. There you can buy individual Premiere Pro infographics templates one-by-one.

11. Infographics Mega Bundle - Premiere Pro Templates

If you're looking to invest in Premiere Pro infographics templates, look for the most complete one, with more than 350 infographic elements and scenes. With these Premiere Pro templates, you'll easily create lively videos with animated charts and graphics.

12. MOGRT Instagram Infographics Business Pack

The only entry on this list designed with Instagram in mind, this template is packed and ready to help with your social media needs. Make sure to preview the video to see how great your stories can look.

13. MOGRT Minimal Infographic

Minimal Infographic is a beautiful template pack that offers 27 animated graphs with in and out animation control and a very user friendly editing! There is a helpful video tutorial to walk you through the process.

14. Simple Flat Infographic Bundle

With Simple Flat Infographic Bundle you will be able to create compelling media with  amazing production value! Featuring over 180+ ultra high quality, ready-to-use animated infographics and titles. This pack has everything you need to have you info pop up and captivate your audience.

15. Vexa HUD Infographic Essential Graphics

Last not but not least, we have have a wonderfully creative, futuristic infographic package that's unlike anything else seen here. Containing over 350 HUD (heads-up display) elements as well as thirty ready-to-use elements, organized beautifully into over 20 categories (biology, world maps, the matrix, and much more) so you are able to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Helpful Tips on How to Use Premiere Pro Templates

Here are some of our top tips for using templates:

  1. Templates are great as a starting point, but make sure to play around and tweak parametres to suit your project, creating something new that's fresh and exciting.
  2. Start with templates that don't require plug-ins. You'll find that with small steps you'll be getting the hang of it.
  3. Many template downloads come with a tutorial. It's fun to jump in head first and figure things out on your own, but in the long term these tutorials are there to help you.
  4. If you're using many different templates across different projects, remember to be organized and keep them in relevant, well-labelled folders.
  5. Before jumping in to your project, try playing around with the template. Make a no-pressure test project to learn the ins and outs of the template before you have to produce your final project.

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