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3 Top Clean Energy Video Templates for After Effects (Solar Power and More)

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If you’re trying to turn people’s thoughts onto clean energy, then you might want to use video to help you reach a larger audience in a more accessible way. Here are three of the best templates from Envato Market and Envato Elements, to get across your clean energy message.

Top 3 Video Templates for Nature and Environment: Clean Energy

Clean (or green) energy usually refers to energy collected from renewable sources like the sun, wind, and water. The world is unfortunately still very reliant on burning fossil fuels like coal and gas for the majority of our energy; it’s only recently that there’s been a real push from those in power (every pun intended) to look for better alternatives.

1. Green Energy

In this After Effects template, we see an arm sweeping away traditional energy sources like fossil-fuel burning plants, before replacing it with clean energy like wind and solar. Just add your text and logo.

2. Green Energy - Eco Intro

In a pop-up book style, this green energy template for After Effects helps you promote green products like solar panels and wind turbines. Try this as a YouTube channel intro, a presentation or exhibition opener, or as a self-contained short message.

3. Green Energy Eco Kit

Green Energy Eco Kit is a great tool for helping to get your message about clean energy, across to your audience. The After Effects project includes animated icons, lower thirds, transitions and placeholders for video or photos.

Bonus: Water - Inspirational Titles

There isn’t a lot around on hydro-power, but this water-themed title template for After Effects is fresh, more than a little hypnotic, and generic enough to tie into many clean energy videos.

Bonus Water - Inspirational TitlesBonus Water - Inspirational TitlesBonus Water - Inspirational Titles
Bonus: Water - Inspirational Titles

Further Reading

Here are some recent articles that talk about renewable energy, how communities might move toward greener alternatives, and what impact that could have on jobs and the land.

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