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10 Top Elements Animation Packs for After Effects (Light, Smoke, Fire, Liquids)

Swirls, splashes, fire, lightning... you name it and we have it: Check out our top elements-themed animation packs for Adobe After Effects.

Top Elements Animation Packs for After Effects  From Envato Elements

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1. Flash FX Fire Elements | After Effects

Add fire effects to your video with this pack of sizzling hot flames! The download includes sound effects and you can change up the colours if you’re looking for something a little different.

2. Cartoon Electric Elements And Titles | After Effects

This pack includes both elements and titles in the style of cartoon electric ‘flashes’. They’re easy to use, come with glow or plain options, and work particularly well when paired with text.

Cartoon Electric Elements And Titles  After Effects
Cartoon Electric Elements And Titles | After Effects

3. Splashes Pack | After Effects

Add colourful paint splashes with this After Effects elements pack. Swirls, drips, splashes and much more are included and you can add glow as required.

Splashes Pack  After Effects
Splashes Pack | After Effects

4. Toons Tool 2 (FX Kit)

Create dramatic and fun cartoon motion graphics including effects like drops, exploding, smoke, fluid and much more. All in, there are hundreds of options and the shapes are vector, so you can scale them to suit, without losing quality.

Toons Tool 2 FX Kit
Toons Tool 2 (FX Kit)

5. Splash Elements | After Effects

Create fun titles, add interest to footage or combine elements to create something unique, with Splash Elements for After Effects. The sound FX are included too!

Splash Elements  After Effects
Splash Elements | After Effects

6. 2D FX Smoke Elements | After Effects

These 2D elements are smokin’. Have things vanish in a puff of smoke, add smoke to create fun movement on a person or vehicle or simply use smoke as a fun transition between scenes.

2D FX Smoke Elements  After Effects
2D FX Smoke Elements | After Effects

7. Flash FX BUBBLE Elements | After Effects

Cool hand drawn bubble elements for Adobe After Effects that would suit transitions, logos, or just adding interest to your video!

Flash FX BUBBLE Elements  After Effects
Flash FX BUBBLE Elements | After Effects

8. Flash FX Lyric Elements | After Effects

Something a little different from usual animated effects, Lyric Elements has a variety of unique, hand drawn items like leaves, hearts, bugs and more.

Flash FX Lyric Elements  After Effects
Flash FX Lyric Elements | After Effects

Top Elements Animation Packs for After Effects  From Envato Market

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9. RTFX Generator

Create over 1000 of your own animated elements with this generator template for After Effects. There are over 800 elements, 60 typography elements and 200 sound FX included, so you can create something fresh for every project.

RTFX Generator
RTFX Generator

10. Liquid Motion Elements

Combine elements to create unique results with Liquid Motion Elements for Adobe After Effects. Try them with logos, transitions, or as part of a slideshow or presentation. There’s a video tutorial included in case you need a hand getting started.

Liquid Motion Elements
Liquid Motion Elements

Looking for More?

If you want to make video titles from scratch, try our free course on creating the popular liquid animation effect in Adobe After Effects.

If you're looking for something a bit different when it comes to elements, you could always try some stock footage from Envato Elements. It's often filmed against a plain backdrop, or even better, has alpha channel, so you can incorporate it seamlessly into your own projects.

Here's a great example of some looping smoke stock footage on a black background.

Smoke Loop - Stock Footage

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