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10 Top Lyric Video Templates for Premiere Pro

Making a lyric video is a great way to connect with fans and also a really fun low-cost way to make a music video if you're on a shoe-string budget. 

In this article, we cover a mix of Premiere Pro templates that are perfect for lyric videos, available from Envato Elements and Envato Market.

10 Top Lyric Video Templates for Premiere Pro

Lyric Video Template 2—Premiere Pro

Featured Premiere Pro Template From Envato Elements

A 'drag and drop' Premiere Pro template featuring pre-animated titles in a bold and bright style.

Key Features

You can edit the text, adjust the scale, position and colour. Control the fade out timing and adjust the 'shake' effect with sliders.

  • Applications: Premiere Pro 
  • Requirements: None
  • Author: videologio

Download and Try

Envato Elements has unlimited downloads for millions of creative stock items with a single subscription, including hundreds of Premiere Pro templates, plus audio tracks, fonts, graphics, presets and more.

The template: Lyric Video Template 2—Premiere Pro is available with a subscription to Envato Elements.

More Lyric Video Templates for Premiere Pro From Elements

Want to try a few different options? With Envato Elements you can download as many Premiere Pro templates as you like as part of the subscription. Here are some more great type templates available from Envato Elements:

Lyric Music Video

With floating particles and a dreamy wobble, this lyric video template for Premiere Pro is a great choice. Add visual interest with a pop of colour to some of your song's words.


Lyrics Template Liquid Style

Liquid themed effects feature in this lyrics template. You'll need After Effects installed, but no other plugins, plus there's a detailed tutorial.


Music Players With Lyrics Titles

Include your lyrics within a mocked up media player so you can also have an image of the artist and more information—like where to buy the track.


Lyric Slideshow | Premiere Pro

A fully modular lyric slideshow template for Premiere Pro, just add media and edit the text to include lyrics. Animated features like swirls, bubbles and musical notes add fun and interest to your music video, so it's sure to be a hit with fans.

2d Lyric Titles | Premiere Pro MOGRT

Made in 'flat' 2D style with a variety of cool animations, this lyric video template for Premiere Pro includes hand drawn elements, transitions, plus lets you use any font so you can change up the look to suit your music video.

Liquid Titles Collection | Premiere Pro MOGRT

Try this hand drawn, 'liquid' effect Premiere template for your lyric video, with in and out animation and sound FX and transitions included. It's easy to change the length of the animation to suit your video, too.

Liquid Titles Collection | Premiere Pro MOGRTLiquid Titles Collection | Premiere Pro MOGRTLiquid Titles Collection | Premiere Pro MOGRT
Liquid Titles Collection | Premiere Pro MOGRT / Envato Elements

Top Lyric Video Templates for Premiere Pro from Envato Market

If you prefer to buy as you go, Envato Market has you covered. Here are a few of our favourite lyric templates for Premiere: 

Lyric Video // Hip-Hop Typography — $29

36 pre-made text scenes with dynamic animations, perfect for creating a visually stunning hip-hop lyric video. The download also includes 25 image scenes and 22 brush graphic elements. You'll need Premiere 2021+ to use this template, but it works without any plugins.

Lyric Video Template | Grunge Style — $29

If grunge is your thing then you'll love this lyric video template for Premiere Pro, with full colour control. There's a link to the font used in the preview included in the download, plus a detailed video tutorial to help you get started. This template required Premiere 2020 or above to use.

Lyric Elements — $18

Add a variety of cool motion graphic elements to your lyric video. They're perfect for a range of music types with 16 uniquely designed dynamic animations with one-click customisation. Just type your text, choose your colours and render—easy!

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