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Free Preview: How to Customize a Logo Sting in Adobe After Effects


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Learn how to customize a stunning logo sting template in Adobe After Effects! Don't worry if you've never used After Effects before, this course is perfect for people who have little or no experience in After Effects. The customization of the logo effects and logo animation will be fairly simple, but there will be a lot of learning!

Check out the Projection Mapping logo sting template you'll be customizing or browse the Logo Stings category on Envato Elements and find the right After Effects logo reveal for you.

1. Introduction

1.1 Introduction

Have you ever seen one of those great looking logo treatments and thought I could really use something like that in my project for my brand? But I don't really know After Effects that well or maybe I don't know After Effects at all. That's something that this course aims to solve. Hi, my name is Dave Bode for Envato. And in this short course, you are going to learn how to customize a logo sting in After Effects. The lessons in this course have been designed for well, someone just like you. Someone who's very new to After Effects or maybe has never even used After Effects before. And in the next several lessons, you're gonna get a brief tour of the After Effects interface. But not the whole interface, only what you need to know to customize this particular logo sting. You're gonna learn how to customize your logo, change the colors to fit your brand and style, add some great sounding music. And export the project, so that you can use that logo sting in a video editing application, or even just post to the web. To get started, make sure to check out the next lesson where you're going to get a look at the project files to find out exactly what you're going to be working with in this project. So check that out, coming up next.

1.2 Project Files

Before we dive into aftereffects, let's quickly have a look at the project files. This will help you better understand what we are going to be working with in the main project. So here on my desktop I have the zip file, which hopefully you have also downloaded. And to get started with this project, I need to unzip it. So in Windows, I'm just gonna right-click and choose Extract All. It's gonna bring up this dialogue box. And I'm just gonna choose Extract. And it actually put the folder on another one of my screens, so I'm just gonna copy it over here so you can see. And this is the folder that it opened up. You can see I have three folders and a music.txt file. You can see that this has a few links to some items on audiojungle.net. And these would be great candidates for the audio portion of this logo sting, which is something you're gonna be learning later in this course. In fact, I'm going to be using one of these music tracks for the logo sting later in the project, and I'll show you that. But I just wanted to show you that files right there. Then you have a folder called Tutorial. And in here there are three very short silent tutorials. I think the total run time is about, I don't know, a minute and 40 seconds, maybe. This is fine if you are pretty experienced in aftereffects. But if you are not, they're not gonna be a tremendous amount of help. Then you have some preview videos here. And these are the stock permutations, if you don't modify anything else and you hit just Render. Actually, I think these already have been modified [MUSIC] Yeah, so some of these actually have some different logos already inserted. But when you see the project opened up in after effects, these are the six main compositions. And they're kinda the six different variations you can get with this project. And then finally, you have your PM folder. And this is the actually aftereffects project. Inside this folder, you have a Footage folder. And inside of that Footage folder, it will contain all of the assets that this aftereffects project right here requires. So any footage, any audio, any image files, any graphics files, that are all be contained in this footage folder. Now actually, if I go to properties here, it only has two files in it. So you don't have to worry about that, I just wanted point that out to you there. And that pretty much covers the project files for this logo sting. Coming up in the next lesson, you're gonna open up this project, get a quick tour of the aftereffects interface, and learn how the project is laid out. So check that out, coming up next.