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3.2 Color Tweaks

You might like the colors in the original example, but it's more likely you will want to alter them to match your brand and style. In this lesson you'll learn how!

3.2 Color Tweaks

You might like the colors in the original example in this project, but it's more likely that you're going to want to modify them to match your brand in your style. And in this lesson, you're gonna learn how. So this is actually really simple. Come right over here to this Settings comp, which is already opened up, and then click in the timeline here. Bring the CTI over, or you can hit Home and that'll bring the CTI to the left so we can actually see what's going on. And then, I'm just gonna make some more space here by shrinking the timeline just a little bit, so it just makes this a little bit bigger. And then up here, right next to the Project panel, is the Effect Controls panel. And if you click on this Controls layer, it bring up all of the effects that are on this layer, and you can use those effects to modify the colors. And it's really simple. So let's say for this Color A we want a blue, but we actually want more of kinda this light blue. And if you have brand-specific colors, you can use the color picker here to pick those, if you have it opened up in another window. Or you can use the library window, so come up here to Window, and then, the library panel's already open, there it is. If it's not open, you can find it up here, Window Library, it's actually right there. And you can see, I have some colors that are loaded up here for some of my clients. And if you want access to these color themes, you can just go to color.adobe.com, this used to be called Cooler. And you can log in, and then you can create a theme here with your colors, your exact RGB colors. And you can save that, save your color theme. And when you do, it will show up inside this library panel right here. And then you have really easy access to that. Alternatively, you can just type in the RGB values if you know them, or the hex color code right down here, and enter your colors in that way. For right now, I'm just gonna eyeball this and pick some fun and interesting colors. So I'll leave that blue, I think that looks okay. Actually, I don't like that because there's blue in the original logo. So I'm gonna pick kind of a bright orange. And then for this pink, I'm going to pick purple. Yes, I like that. And then for the background color, it's not really super high contrast. It's actually very similar to some of the colors that's used in this logo here. And that doesn't look super awesome. So maybe a lighter background would be more appropriate. Yes, that looks a little better. And then for the background shadow, I might pick a lighter gray, something like that. Now that's better. So really simple to make those modifications to the colors in the comp, that's really all there is to it. Now, if we jump into these other comps here and scroll through by clicking and dragging with the CTI, you're gonna see that all of those colors have been updated. Coming up in the next lesson, you're gonna learn how to add a basic musical sting to these comps to make it sound as good as it looks.

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