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15 Top Movie Trailer Templates for Premiere Pro to Make Cinematic Teaser Videos

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With the help of templates anyone can create a great movie trailer, even on a shoestring budget. In this article we quickly review 15 cinematic movie trailer templates for Adobe Premiere Pro. Just open the projects, add your own media and details, then render a finished trailer!

Top Templates to Make Cinematic Movie Trailers in Premiere Pro

I've included a variety of project templates from Envato Elements that work for trailers, so even if you aren't creating a video that will appear in theatres there's something to try here, with a mix of slideshows, title sequences, and more.

Fast Cinematic Trailer for Premiere Pro

Featured Trailer Template for Premiere Pro From Envato Elements

Here is a fun, stylized trailer template fit for action. It's easy for beginners to edit and even comes with a PDF help file. Add your photos, footage, and music tracks to make this template your own.

Project Features

The best movie trailers whet the viewers' appetites for your project but don't giveg too much away. This simple but well-made template uses quick cuts and clear text slides to make a short and engaging teaser trailer.

Length: 0:35
Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (UHD)
File Size: 53.3MB
Required Plugins: None required, .mogrt template (Essential Graphics)
Applications : Premiere Pro and Rush
Author: This Premiere Pro .mogrt template was created by Gokul_Ramkul

Download and Try

With a subscription to Envato Elements you get unlimited Premiere Pro templates, video, audio, images, graphics and more.

The template Fast Cinematic Trailer for Premiere Pro is available to download with a subscription to Envato Elements.

More Top Templates for Film Trailers From Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a subscription service that lets you download unlimited templates for Premiere Pro, along with thousands of other creative stock assets to help you great great videos. Here are some more top options to try.

Epic Cinematic Trailer - Premiere Pro 

Create titles worthy of a blockbuster fantasy film and hype for your project with this trailer template.

Detective Trailer

This mysterious trailer template includes ten media placeholders and nine text placeholders you can customize. It edits and renders quickly.

Horror Trailer

Using this trailer template is anything but frightening. Featuring a modular structure and creepy aesthetics to create an eerie tone. 

Halloween Trailer Template

This ghoulish template is perfect for the spooky season. Nicely is animated and comes with themed typography; the dark mood is perfect for a horror short film.


Ggeometric and dark shapes are perfect for creating a trailer roll. Just drop in your own text and create a teaser with no footage of your own needed.

Epic Titles for Premiere

A great set of titles to use with footage or effects of your own.


A slideshow can be all that you need to create a trailer that will create anticipation for your video. It's a great idea to use stills for your trailer if you don't have video footage ready to share. Combining text animation with your choice of using photos or video clips is easy thanks to thse Adobe Premiere projects.

Dynamic Sport Opener

Hype up your action film. The placeholders are easy to replace with your own assets so that you can spend less time producing the trailer and get back to finishing your feature production.

Dynamic Urban Opener

Drop in a few clips from the full-length video into to create a trailer that sets the stage for the full video.

Modern Opener

An easy way to create hype for your video. Comes with a helpful video tutorial.

FX Movie Pro 2 Transition and Effects Package 

A bundle filled with useful transition and effects. With the contents of this pack, you can build different types of cinematic trailers.

More Templates for Premiere Pro

If nothing in this round-up caught your eye, no worries! You can still create a great looking video with easy Premiere projects thanks to the talented video artists at Envato Elements. Check out these other artivles to see more Premiere projects that are easy to create.

More Resources From Envato

If you want to improve your video editing or marketing skills, you'll want to check out these resources from Envato.

Music & Audio for Your Trailer

Discover thousands of royalty free audio tracks and sound effects on Envato Elements, with a great offer: Download as many as you want for one low price. Find your perfect cinematic audio track on Envato Elements to amplify your next project.

Premiere Pro Video Tutorials From Envato Tuts+ on YouTube

Are you more of a visual learner? Then you'll love our video tutorials on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel. Check out our helpful Premiere Pro tutorial playlist to pick up some new tricks. Here's a quick look at what you can find from Envato Tuts+ on YouTube.

Learn More About Premiere Pro With Envato Tuts+

Envato Tuts+ does more than round up Premiere Pro templates. Our team is experts at helping you learn new skills. Looking for Premiere Pro guides and tutorials? We've got you covered.

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