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10 Top Cinematic Colour Grading Presets for After Effects (Quick Looks and LUTs)

It is hard overstate the role that colour plays in creating the style and feel of a video, but creating a look from scratch in Adobe After Effects is sometimes a lot of work. Instead, you can use the presets in this article as a starting point and save yourself a lot of time. These colour presets are one-click adjustments and workflow tools that quickly bring creative control and new palettes to your video footage.

10 Top Colour Presets for After Effects

These colour presets come from Envato Market a marketplace that helps you keep your production costs down. Also try out stock photos, stock footage, and background music.

Let's check out 10 of our favorite colour presets:

1. Cinematic Color Presets

Capture this uniqueness in your own work with Cinematic Color Presets, a pack of 51 studio-quality effects.

2. 20 Advanced Color Grading Effects

Color grading is one of the simplest and best ways to improve the visual appearance of your footage in post-production, but trying to do it all manually can get a little tricky and take a lot of time. It pays to turn to presets designed by experts, and that's exactly what you'll get in this powerful set of templates. With 20 designs inside, you can simply drag and drop your footage into the project and apply the preset.

3. Easy Cinematic Color & FX Preset Pack

Capturing the perfect scene as you shoot video isn't easy, but, thanks to advanced color presets like these, it's not always necessary. You don't have to be an expertly-trained editor to do it. Featuring more than two dozen color-corrections.

4. Infinite Looks Preset

Infinite Looks Preset: the best description for it lives in the name. Truly, this template offering delivers every imaginable color combination in a simple, easy-to-use design. Instead of adapting your video footage to a preset, the preset adapts to your own work. This makes Infinite Looks the perfect choice if you want maximum customization with minimum effort.

5. Simple VHS Stylizer Preset

Many of us may remember the days of VHS tapes; magnetic tapes creates a unique onscreen look with faded colors and grainy corners. With the Simple VHS Stylizer Preset, you now can bring that gritty vibe to videos you produce today.

With 9 video presets included, it's a simple matter to find one most suited to each individual project. Designs are built around different types of tape, and can adapt for various conditions and color tones. If you need a retro, glitch-inspired graphics pack, this is a compelling choice that's quick and easy to use.

6. Cinema Styles Presets & Film Burns

This template collection focuses specifically on color burns. Those create ethereal effects with almost any video clip, making them a key component of creating your own "mood" on-screen. Other effects include camcorder styles, corner vignettes, and many more. They vary widely in design, but share tremendous ease of use.

7. Film Color Presets

It's often said that less is more, and this concept is highly applicable to video editing. When using custom effects, it's quite easy to overdo them and turn out distorted or obviously edited footage. In some cases, that might be exactly what you want, but for subtle changes, you can't go wrong with this set of Film Color Presets.

Custom color styles are included for things like skin tones, foliage, skies, and more. Eight presets are inside the download, and each of these can be adapted once you apply them to a certain scene. It's one of the best ways to quickly apply mild corrections.

8. Gradual 2 Preset

Strong color effects are a dynamic and fun way to stylize video. With a few clicks, you can transform still images and video clips into one-of-a-kind creations. Gradual 2 Preset is a set of templates to rapidly and significantly alter colors. Plus, it was recently updated to include a full set of new features.

The latest designs include double exposures, grain customization, reverse gradients, and much more. Used individually or in combination, they form a powerful arsenal of video effects ideally suited for the most challenging edits. Be sure to check out the included video tutorial for helpful guidance.

9. Colera Gradings - 30 Color Presets

Colera Gradings gives you thirty options, making it a breeze to find the perfect match. These effects cover a full spectrum of design styles, with an eye towards a retro, vintage theme. Each one can be applied with a simple double-click. That means it won't take long to find the design ideally matched to all your footage.

10. Painter Preset Pack

Set the stage for a successful video with these inspired, artistic preset effects. In moments, they'll help you transform your images into beautiful works of art. Featuring twenty different choices, you'll see designs based on watercolors, modern art, abstracts, landscapes, and more.

Each of the designs is paired with custom controllers, which enable you to smoothly adapt each to a specific piece of content. That means each effect can be tailored to precisely fit your own needs; you won't be left to work around the constraints of the template.

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