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25 Cool Adobe Premiere Pro Video Effects Templates (Free and Premium)


Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most popular video editing programs; It's cross-platform, easy to get started with, and has plenty of powerful features. Still, every video production takes time, so if you need a head start on creating a video production, check out the the project templates in this round-up.

Premium Premiere Pro Video Effects From Envato Market

Don't want to learn Premiere Pro from scratch? You need tools and templates that help you skip the learning curve. These templates have everything you need to create a professional video. You just add your specifics, and create a great video. 

On Envato Marketyou've got a tremendous library of Premiere Pro templates that already have the hard work done for you. Best of all, you can purchase single templates at a great price. That keeps your budget in check while creating a professional video.

Envato Market Premiere Pro Templates
Source cost-effective templates for Premiere Pro with the help of Envato Market.

Let's look at ten of the best Envato Market templates that you can use to create great Premiere Pro productions.

1. Effects Pack

When you’re searching for cool Adobe Premiere Pro video effects, it truly pays to find extra value. That’s exactly what you’ll get with Effects Pack, a huge collection of awesome tools to use in your next video. One of the most robust packs available today, it combines seven amazing content libraries into one easy download.

Start off by exploring custom backgrounds, then choose your own custom titles, transitions, and more. Inside each library, you’ll find hundreds of options. They vary greatly in style, but they share the same professional design to lift your projects to the next level.


2. ActionFX | Fire Smoke Water Effects for Premiere Pro

Need to add dramatic effects to your new video? You see them in the movies often, but now you can easily bring them to your own projects. Fire, smoke, and water effects like those found in this template are the perfect way to do it. Choose from options like:

  • 9 fire effects
  • 6 smoke effects
  • 7 water effects
  • 5 explosions

Then, quickly adapt them to your needs with the easy-to-edit template. You’ll even have access to a 24/7 support team if you need a little extra help.


3. LUTs Color Presets Pack | Cinematic Looks—Premiere Pro

Think about your favorite movies. Along with a great plot and soundtrack, the best films often have a special look and feel that sets them apart. And with this powerful Premiere Pro color presets pack, you can bring this very same vibe to your video productions. Inside, you’ll find countless stunning cinematic presets that you can use for any type of video.

Try delivering ethereal colors with an overexposure preset. Or, demo timeless black-and-white colors reminiscent of the golden age of cinema. Whatever your project demands, this pack is ready to help with thousands of options. Each one is simple to use and quick to edit.


4. Dope Transitions | For Premiere Pro

Dope Transitions is your perfect video production assistant. This is really the key feature of the best Premiere Pro templates—they help you do your job better, and they help you do it faster. Inside the download, you’ll find preset categories like flat effects, zooms, panoramas, and more. Each is built to work with your existing footage to help it look its very best.

Discover how the template works and learn to make your very own video transitions in our new course:

In total, there are 464 transitions included. They’re easy to use and highly flexible, making them perfect for simple animations, content reveals, intros, and more. Multiple screen resolutions are supported, and custom sound effects are provided to pair audio and video in unforgettable ways.


5. Presets Pack for Premiere Pro: Effects, Transitions, Titles, LUTS, Duotones, Sounds

You can find pre-built Premiere Pro templates for practically anything—but for the ultimate value, why not choose one that includes practically everything? That’s the key feature of this studio-quality package. Multiple categories offer unlimited potential, with creative power left up to you (and the hard work left up to the pros).

With over 1,000 effects available, you’ll benefit from amazing features like:

  • Simple edits: drag and drop your content into the presets
  • Designs optimized for Instagram posts
  • 4K transitions and effects
  • Help guides if you need a boost

6. 500 Cinematic Color Presets, 15 VHS Video Effects, Old Film Looks

The creative use of color is one of the simplest, yet most effective tools available to any video producer. Feature films, promos, family videos, and everything in between can benefit from it. And so will your next project, with 500 options to choose from, courtesy of this stunning preset collection from VideoHive.

Explore options ranging from bold cinematic styles to retro vintage tones. You’ll also find specialty options for wedding videography, Instagram stories, skin tones, and much more. Plus, check out 15 VHS effects for a gritty tape look. Many of these presets can be applied with just a single click.


7. 140 Flash FX Premiere

Many of us fell in love with cartoons when we were kids. Now that we’re editing videos, we can use those same fun effects to make more effective—and entertaining—works of our own. A great jumpstart lies in the 140 Flash FX Premiere pack, with dozens of custom cartoon animations to choose from.

Turn up the heat with flame effects. Jazz up your transitions with colorful, quirky animated motions. Or roll out your new logo in comic style. All of these options are quick and easy, thanks to this versatile Premiere Pro cartoon template.


8. FX Movie Pro Pack

Ever wanted to have film studio-grade resources at your fingertips? Your chance has arrived, courtesy of this cinematic pack. It’s powerful enough to support the most advanced productions, but simple enough to be used and enjoyed by beginner editors too. The custom presets are split into eight categories to guide your editing process.

Check out color corrections to make every scene look its best. Lens effects explore creative uses of light and focus to deliver stunning scenes right out of the movies. Grains deliver a classic vibe that never goes out of style. Use a single effect, or mix them up to build your next winning film. Simply import them into Premiere and apply to your own content.


9. Ultimate Video Fx

For editors needing flexibility and multipurpose effects, the Ultimate Video Fx pack is a great starting point. Inside are over 150 effects split into five custom categories:

  • Light leaks
  • Decorative effects
  • Emotions
  • Optical flares
  • Text effects

Each one can be customized with just a few clicks. This template is particularly useful if you’re working on a project needing several effects at once. They’re flashy enough to grab viewer attention, but polished enough to avoid distraction.


10. Premiere PRO Pack: Transitions, Titles, Sound FX

The newly-updated Premiere PRO Pack includes all the sleek video effects you could ever imagine. Whether you’re looking for a cool transition, an energizing sound effect, or a full set of bold titles, you’ll find compelling choices right here. All in all, over 400 effects are included across all those categories and many more.

For these, you won’t need extra plug-ins, other software, or professional editing experience. All it takes is a creative vision for your project, and the template pack will help you bring it to life. Plus, the pack is often updated, so you’ll continue to receive new and amazing custom content after your purchase.


Cool Premiere Pro Project Templates From Envato Elements (Unlimited Downloads)

Envato Elements is the perfect time-saving service: the subscription offers unlimited access to the huge library of video projects and assets, including easy-to-use project templates and effects for Adobe Premiere Pro.

Adobe Premiere on Envato Elements
All of these items and more are included as a part of a subscription to Envato Elements.

Let's check out a few of my favorite projects for Adobe Premiere. I'll share a some choice projects from Elements—all available with the subscription—and couple free highlights from around the web. Use these projects and effects as an easy way to create better video, quickly and hassle-free.

Make sure to check out the video previews below to see what these projects look like when finished!

11. Creative Process Flat Design Video — Project Template

You don't have to use a separate animation app to create animations in Adobe Premiere. Use a project like this with your own graphics and text to animate a video in the flat style.


12. Short Quotes — Typographic Video Project

Short Quotes is an easy typographic video project that you can use in Adobe Premiere. For an impactful video, just update the placeholders with your own text choices to create an easy typographic intro, for example.


13. Redacted Titles — Text Effect for Premiere

Caution! This redacted video effect is going to blackout your text just like a secret document with key details withheld. Just use this in Premiere to create your own redacted effect easily. 


14. Analog Clock Creator — Premiere Clock Animation

Time keeps ticking, and this project is the perfect way to showcase it. Set up your own countdown duration to animate a clock effect with this project.


15. Paper: Animated Typeface — Premiere Text Animation

Well animated text can serve as a video production of its own. Use this motion typeface specifically for Adobe Premiere to animate your own headlines smoothly.


16. Cooking Show Bumper — Premiere Culinary Video

There is truly a project for every situation available, and this project proves it. For the culinary YouTube channel, this project could be the perfect choice to animate a flashy intro with culinary visuals.


17. Flip Counter Creator — Countdown Project Template

Here's another easy-to-use project that you can use as a countdown effect. This flipboard project allows you to add your own time horizon and watch the project count down to completion.


18. Newsworthy Titles — Text Animations

The clean and simple text animations in this project are ideal for adding annotation to your video. Create your own news channel on a shoestring budget with a project like this.


19. Motion Elements Pack — Animated Shapes

I love this package because it can be used in so many different types of videos. The shape animations and transition effects are easy to drop into any project and add a flair to your existing video project.


20. 4K Light Leaks Transitions | For Premiere Pro

Light leaks are problems for photographers, but they look great in video projects. This pack includes more than 100 of these light effect transitions that are 4K ready. It features free updates, is easy to use, and has a tutorial to help you get your projects done. 


Free Premiere Projects From Around the Web

Check out the free Premiere Pro effects available on Mixkit, or try one of the other options listed below.

21. Deadpool Camera Shake (by Jarle Leirpoll, Free)

Technical perfection isn't always the desired outcome. Sure, you can spend all of your project budget on gimbals and tripods that stabilize your video perfectly. But what if you want to create just the right amount of shake? This effect simulates the handheld shake of the hit movie Deadpool.

22. Creative Impatience Effect Pack (by Bartlomiej Walczak, Free)

Here's a set of six effect plugins that you can use in Adobe Premiere. Try them out for was of adjusting the edges of your footage, the color temperature, and contrast.

23. Dubstep Glitch Titles (by ParaMall, Free)

Sync up your video with an energetic dubstep track thanks to this beat-matching Premiere project. Choose your audio, add your footage, and get glitchy!

24. Solid Stripes Transition (by Eugenia Korzun, Free From Mixkit)

High-quality transition effects are key to most video production projects, so it's good to have one in your arsenal. Solid Stripes Transition is one of the free Premiere Pro effects templates available from Mixkit. The angled stripes move towards the middle and create a solid, modern transition effect.

25. Travel Film Transition Pack (by Austin Newman, Free)

There's just a certain look that defines great travel films. Use this transition pack to emulate some of your favorite YouTube travel vloggers with beautiful transitions to transport the viewer from scene to scene.

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