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30 Top Items From the VideoHive Front Page (Winter 2018)

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This post is part of a series called Market Watch: Current Styles and Hot Trends in Video.
15 Best After Effects Templates on VideoHive (Envato Market)
30 Top Items From the VideoHive Front Page, Winter 2018

Envato's quality team picks only the best items for sale on VideoHive, but only a small number of these items make it to the coveted "featured items" spot at the top of the VideoHive home page. In this article, discover the video project files and stock footage clips that have featured on VideoHive in the past six months.

YouTube Promo Kit 2.0 — Premiere & After Effects YouTube Pack

Channel openers, broadcast titles, lower thirds, and more: this pack has it all. When you're trying to get your YouTube channel off the ground, this pack is an incredible head start.  Works with both Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.

Youtube Promo Kit 20Youtube Promo Kit 20Youtube Promo Kit 20
Youtube Promo Kit 2.0

Glitch Titles and Transitions — After Effects Glitch Project

The glitch effect feels right at home in science fiction and modern video clips. Includes some fitting video to make sure your audience stays tuned-in.

Of all the similar title products available, this one stands out because it is modern and very different.—mark2120
Glitch Titles and TransitionsGlitch Titles and TransitionsGlitch Titles and Transitions
Glitch Titles and Transitions 

AniTrailers | Explainer Video Toolkit — Animated Explainer After Effects Project

Not every project can afford the budget of an animator to create characters and animations for your video. The best option in these cases is to use a pack like AniTrailers to create an animation.

AniTrailers Explainer ToolkitAniTrailers Explainer ToolkitAniTrailers Explainer Toolkit
AniTrailers Explainer Toolkit

Cinematic Parallax Slideshow — After Effects Animated Slideshow Template

Turn your still images into an engaging video roll with this quick pack. It's a breeze to drop your own images into the After Effects placeholders.

The quality is excellent on this Slideshow. But the customer support was well beyond excellent.—revolutionbyarrow

Neon Spheres Element 3D Opener — After Effects Logo Animator

Watch your flat logo file come to life with this three dimensional project. I love that this project lights up your logo with mini-bulbs, almost like a sports arena scoreboard!

Neon SpheresNeon SpheresNeon Spheres
Neon Spheres Element 3D Opener

Epic Light — Apple Motion Particle Animation Tempalte

Apple Motion is plenty powerful, but it takes some time to learn to use it. Instead of learning Motion from scratch, try out the Epic Light project for a bright and colorful way to animate your logo with intense colors.

Epic LightrEpic LightrEpic Lightr
Epic Light

Stomp - Typographic Intro — After Effects Typography Intro Template

Less is more, and Stomp is a wonderful example of this. All it takes is clean typography set to music with a beat to really grab an audience's attention. Use your own message and sync it up to music to create an impactful video.

Stomp Typographic IntroStomp Typographic IntroStomp Typographic Intro
Stomp Typographic Intro

Minimal Modern Typography — After Effects Title Pack

Set the stage for your video with a clean and easy to use title. There are 50 separate title effects in 4K resolution that work great in Adobe After Effects.

Minimal Modern TypographyMinimal Modern TypographyMinimal Modern Typography
Minimal Modern Typography

The YouTuber Pack — Final Cut Pro Title Pack

Final Cut users are are YouTubers too! This pack is the perfect suite of title cards for Final Cut users looking to take their YouTube channels to the next level.

the YouTuber Pack Final Cut Prothe YouTuber Pack Final Cut Prothe YouTuber Pack Final Cut Pro
The YouTuber Pack

iPhone X - App Presentation — After Effects App Demo Template

Need to build an app demo for your iPhone app? This pack is your new best friend. Instead of hiring out a production company to promote your app, this pack is a budget-conscious way to showcase your next big app.

iPhone X App PresentationiPhone X App PresentationiPhone X App Presentation
iPhone X App Presentation

Event Promo — After Effects Promotional Video Template

Get the crowd's blood pumping before your big event! This pack is the perfect way to do just that. Combo footage with text boxes to get your audience excited.

Great Project - easy to use and highly customizable! Very fast and informative response if you have any questions.—Outdooractive
Event PromoEvent PromoEvent Promo
Event Promo

Rock Climbing Helping Hand — Inspirational Video Stock Footage

Sometimes, you don't have enough footage in your library to really build out the video as you have it in mind. Stock footage like this inspirational rock climbing video can really act as a useful stand-in when that's the case.

Rock Climbing Helping HandRock Climbing Helping HandRock Climbing Helping Hand
Rock Climbing Helping Hand

Pretty Sweet - 2D Animation Toolkit — After Effects Animation

Here's another great tool for creating animations without a dedicated animator on your team. A toolkit like this is designed with non-animation experts in mind, so it's easy for even rookie video editors to create animations.

Pretty Sweet Animation ToolkitPretty Sweet Animation ToolkitPretty Sweet Animation Toolkit
Pretty Sweet 2D Animation Toolkit

Dynamic Fashion Pack — After Effects Montage Template

This fantastic pack is targeted at fashionistas, but there's no reason you couldn't use it with any footage and photos. The best elements of this video project are the flashy typography, strong contrasty colors, and its ease of use.

Great work, modern and innovative!—manouwa
Dynamic Fashion PackDynamic Fashion PackDynamic Fashion Pack
Dynamic Fashion Pack

Titles and Lower Thirds — After Effects Text Placards

Whether you're putting together a documentary, slideshow, or interview, this lower thirds and text pack is essential. HD and 4K resolutions included for every project.

Titles and Lower ThirdsTitles and Lower ThirdsTitles and Lower Thirds
Titles and Lower Thirds

Sync — After Effects Fast Type Promo

I'm sure you've seen Fast Type promos, with fast moving images and sharp typography. This types of video really came into vogue after Apple's ad series in this style. If you're looking to recreate the look on a tight budget, check out the Sync project.

Sync After Effects Sync After Effects Sync After Effects
Sync Fast Type Promo

The Ultimate Glitch Logo Intro — After Effects Glitch Intro

Here's another take on creating the glitch effect in Adobe After Effects. Combine that glitchiness with your own assets easily thanks to this project.

The Ultimate Glitch Logo IntroThe Ultimate Glitch Logo IntroThe Ultimate Glitch Logo Intro
The Ultimate Glitch Logo Intro

History Slide — After Effects Aged Slideshow

Go back in time with this slideshow pack! More than a simple slideshow, this project has overlays and textures that really will age your photos.

HIstory SlideHIstory SlideHIstory Slide
History Slide

Typography — After Effects Typographic Pack

You can't go wrong with clean typography and bright colors. I love typographic videos for their versatility and ease of use, and this project is no exception to that. No matter the subject, this pack is a great choice.

Typography After EffectsTypography After EffectsTypography After Effects
Typography After Effects

Design and Motion Character Kit — After Effects Animation Tool

Here's another take on creating animations within Adobe After Effects. Imagine putting a friendly face with your small business by using these characters to introduce what you have to offer. You don't have to know the first thing about creating animations to use this project to create friendly videos!

It is an amazing Kit! I really love it! al the characters and the movement is amazing! and easy to use!—bemii
After Effects Animation packAfter Effects Animation packAfter Effects Animation pack
Design and Motion Character Kit

New York View from Above — Flyover Stock Footage

You don't have to make a trip to the Big Apple to set your video project in New York. Instead of flying your own helicopter, try out this stock footage to set the scene for your video.

New York View from AboveNew York View from AboveNew York View from Above
New York View from Above

Modern Titles Pack for FCPX — Final Cut Pro Title Pack

There are plenty of After Effects selections in this round-up, so it's great to see some fancy text projects for Final Cut as well. Great looking title scenes don't need incredible effects to stand out—just simple text like what you see in this video.

These are absolutely beautiful. Varied, elegant, and easy to work with.—dschwizzle
Modern Titles Pack for FCPXModern Titles Pack for FCPXModern Titles Pack for FCPX
Modern Titles Pack for FCPX

Get Real Logo Bundle — Flashy After Effects Logo Animations

Sure, there are plenty of clean and minimal logo animation projects. What about when you need something more eye-catching? The Get Real bundle is the project for you. With textures like fire, earth, sand and ink to animate your logo, the Get Real bundle is a must-watch.

Get Real Logo BundleGet Real Logo BundleGet Real Logo Bundle
Get Real Logo Bundle

Stomp Logo — Rhythmic Logo Intro

The Stomp Logo pack is designed to sync up your logo intro with beat-filled audio. Even though the sample audio track isn't included with the project, the projects makes it easy to sync up the animation with your own audio in real time.

Stomp LogoStomp LogoStomp Logo
Stomp Logo

Cinematic Slideshow — After Effects Slideshow Project

Great template, the project structure is very organized and the template itself visually appealing with many options to customize—highway1024
Cinematic SlideshowCinematic SlideshowCinematic Slideshow
Cinematic Slideshow

Restaurant Display — Video Menu After Effects Project

Here's a really neat and unique project for anyone in the restaurant space. I've increasingly noticed that many restaurants have LCD's to showcase their menus, including favorite choices. Use this project to create this exact type of setup easily.

Restaurant DisplayRestaurant DisplayRestaurant Display
Restaurant Display

Connect Opener — After Effects High-Tech Project Template

This project would feel right at home in a modern sci-fi movie. The futuristic font choices and vector line effect would set the stage perfectly for a futuristic thriller.

Connect OpenerConnect OpenerConnect Opener
Connect Opener

Ultimate Transitions Matte Pack — Multi-Compatible Transitions

What video editor doesn't need a way to smoothly cut between scenes? Even though most apps feature simple animations like cuts or fades, this pack will really take your transition looks to the next level.

I cannot say enough about the quality and variety of these transitions. If you are on the fence about purchasing this, may this review be the thing that pushes you over the edge.—AndrewJamesEditMusic
Ultimate Transitions Matte PackUltimate Transitions Matte PackUltimate Transitions Matte Pack
Ultimate Transitions Matte Pack

3D Pop-Up Book Toolkit — After Effects Character Animations

This animation pack for Adobe After Effects is truly one-of-a-kind. Not only does this feature the character animations that you've seen in other projects in this round up, it also sets the stage perfectly in a 3D pop-up book backdrop. Hit the link above to see it in action.

3D Pop up Book Toolkit3D Pop up Book Toolkit3D Pop up Book Toolkit
3D Pop-Up Book Toolkit

Corporate Timeline — After Effects Corporate Slideshow

The style and cadence of this After Effects project make it a perfect for presenting an annual review. Use the slideshow to show how past events link to the present and future and help others understand your company.

Corporate TimelineCorporate TimelineCorporate Timeline
Corporate Timeline

Keep Learning

I hope you enjoyed the roundup and found some great new projects to try. Check out these free tutorials, and keep learning!

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