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5.1 Conclusion

Thanks for watching this course! In this last video you will hear some final thoughts about moving forward with what you have learned.

5.1 Conclusion

By this point, you have learned about the electromagnetic spectrum, visible light, how light acts like a wave and like a particle. Learned about brightness and how it's measured, the color of light, and the contrast of light. You have also learned how light interacts with matter through absorption, transmission, and reflection. And you have learned about the three types of reflection, diffuse, direct, and polarized. My hope is that after watching this course, you will see the world differently, and not just from a technical or academic perspective. Learning about how something works is fine. For some, like me, you might even think that it's fun. But as photographers, we can take this understanding of light and put it to work to create better images. When you look at a situation, my hope is that you can take your new understanding of the types of reflection, the contrast of light or the inverse- square law, and start to think about solutions for getting the images that you want. Whether you are creating lighting setups from scratch, dealing with a tough lighting situation, or a combination of the two, these fundamentals about light will help. Understanding light can help you both solve problems and see opportunity. It helps you to see the world differently, both technically and creatively. And finally, the lessons you have learned in this course will help you to take some of the guesswork out of lighting. Experimentation is still very much a part of every photographer's process. But if you have a vision for an image, the ideas you have learned in this course should help you to get a lot closer to unlocking how to pull it off. Thanks again for watching this course. My name is David Bodie for Tuts+ and I'll see you around.

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