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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to Automatic Color Correction With DaVinci Resolve! In this video you will see what you will learn throughout this course.

1.1 Introduction

Have you ever had a color correct footage that was improperly white balanced? Or maybe you've had to color correct some clips that were shot under some really terrible lighting conditions. Sometimes this can be a quick fix, and other times it can be a real nightmare. What if you could use a relatively inexpensive tool and automate the process, would that be something you're interested in? Well you can, and in this course, I'm gonna show you how to do it. Hi I'm Dave Bodie for Envato, and in this course, I'm gonna show you how to do very fast color corrections using a color reference target and DaVinci Resolve. In the next several lessons, you're gonna learn what color correction is and what color correction isn't. You're going to get a brief overview of the Resolve interface. Learn how to color correct with a color reference target and how to export and transcode your clips and get them back inside your editor. With this method, you can use one clip as a reference and then apply that color correction to all the other clips that were shot under the same lighting conditions. This takes a lot of the hassle out of the color correction process and gets you back on track to editing and finishing your project. To get started, check out the next lesson where you're gonna learn what you need to follow along.

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