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1.1 Introduction

The digital workflow has revolutionized how we approach photography. For most of us, we have thousands or even tens of thousands of images. Managing and working with all those images can become a bit of a challenge. Adobe Lightroom is the post production tool that's built specifically for a photographer. At its heart, Lightroom is basically two things, a photo organizer and a raw image processor. This course will help you master those two functions and more. Together, we'll build a strong digital workflow. We'll get you set up with a photo archive that can grow for the future. And we'll also learn all about the correction tools that Lightroom offers to help us realize our photographic vision. With this series of screen casts, you'll get an over the shoulder look at how to master a digital workflow built around Adobe Lightroom. We'll cover structuring your image archive, making your pictures searchable with metadata, correction and altering images, and advanced exporting techniques. If you're a photographer and have a digital workflow, you're sure to get something from this course.

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