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2.4 People Tags

Brand new to the latest version of Lightroom are People Tags. Lightroom now offers facial recognition to add tags for the subject. In this video, you'll learn how to apply it to your catalog.

2.4 People Tags

We just finished talking about keyword tags. But there's a brand new feature in the newest version of Literoom CC, or Literoom 6, called people tags that'll actually scan your image collection for people's faces. You can then build out tags based on the people that are in them. So this is a smart way of kinda scanning your image collection and automatically building out tags based on the person that's in them. To get started with people tags, first make sure the toolbar is showing by pressing t in the library module to hide or show it, and then pressing the people view. Now, Literoom'll go ahead and start scanning the image collection for people's faces. And it's gonna require some manual intervention to actually add the names of the people who are in these photos, but this is a great start as you can see. So let's go ahead and add a few. I'm gonna go ahead and type a few names in here. You can click a question mark under the person's name and simply type it in order to add a people tag. And as we do that it's gonna go from the unnamed people section to the named people section that's on top. There's some duplicates in my unnamed section that I've added now to the named section. So for example my friend Sarah, if I wanna add these other images of her to the already existing people tag, I can simply drag and drop them. And now after we've added the first few names, we can often drag and drop to build out the rest of our collection. You can also see here that one key thing is it'll automatically create stacks of images for faces that it thinks are the same. And we can review those stacks by clicking to show or hide them. I'm gonna add a few more here. And really quickly, our image collection is coming together based on the people tags. You can see here that they're also added to the keyword list, just as the other keywords we added, so all of the same things apply. We can click the arrow to the right to filter based on those people. And although this is a great start, it doesn't always work perfectly, and you can see in the case of this image, I basically have Light Room picking up two people's faces is a single one. So we can actually manually intervene with people tags as well. Let's go ahead and correct the first one by moving the box down here. We can also add a second one by clicking and dragging up here. So I'm gonna add this here and correct this one and now we've corrected for both, and when when flip back to people view, both are now corrected. So the people-tagging feature is a way that we can add tags based on the subject that's in them. And it's another great way that we can approach tagging. After you start building out a few by typing in the names, you can add them really rapidly by dragging and dropping. One final way to kind of speed up this process is to Cmd+Click on multiple images, such as I have with these two, and type the name. And they'll both get the tag added. So consider incorporating people tags in order to really tame your image collection. So that you can always find the person that you're looking for.

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