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1.1 Introduction

Photoshop is renowned for photo editing. Image manipulation and photo retouching are what has made this program a household name. Most digital artists even use Photoshop for design and illustration. But that's not all this program has to offer. Did you know Photoshop can edit video too? Well it can. And I'm here to show you how. I'm Kirk Nelson with Tuts+ and welcome to Video Editing in Photoshop. In this course I'll walk you through everything you need to to work with video clips in a program you may have thought was just for photographs. We will start with an overview of the interface used for video editing and work through a very basic video project. And include some of the common video editing tasks, like color correction, cuts and transitions. The second project involves creating that perfect blend between video and a photograph, the cinemagraph. We will work through the entire process, from shooting the photo and video, isolating the movement elements and making sure the motion loops seamlessly. The final project of the course is creating a time-lapse video. We will discuss considerations of how to shoot the source photos, how to import them into a video file, and a few fun editing tricks to make the video visually interesting. One of the reasons I'm excited about this course is because I want to give you a new set of skills. If you've ever avoided doing a video project in the past, maybe because you didn't have video editing software, or you had no idea how to approach it. Or maybe you were reluctant to learn a whole new application. Then this course is for you, because after this course, you will have the skills to do those projects in Photoshop.

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